Water Pump replacement 7.3L PowerStroke Diesel 94 95 96 97 F350 F250 F450

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 26, 2014
  • Water Pump replacement 96 F350 7.3 PowerStroke DieselPut 50 miles on it and no leaks or water loss.Also replaced the radiator cap, they go bad fast and it's a $5 part!When replacing any water in these diesels you need to make sure to put anti-cavitation treatment in. I use Ford's it says to use 4oz per gallons of water.Failure to use any anti-cavitation treatment will cause major engine damage, this engine had a little show of some cavitation. Buy test strips and see if it's time to add treatment to yours. A front cover costs more than $1000, it's cheaper to take care of it. The 330k mile engine I pulled the water pump I used to fix this one had no cavitation marks on the front cover, this engine has almost 266k.


  • Edward  Leonard
    Edward Leonard  7 months ago

    You did a great job on this video!
    especially being able to show the one out of the truck..
    thanks for the help

  • Wes Darnell
    Wes Darnell  4 years ago

    Very helpful thanks man!

  • Howie L.
    Howie L.  3 years ago

    good stuff buddy

  • Trisha Clarke
    Trisha Clarke  2 years ago +2

    what size is the backup wrench you are using on the fan clutch?

  • Rich Payne
    Rich Payne  2 years ago

    Very helpful - Thanks Patrick!  Cute kid too!

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson  2 years ago

    Just bought a 97 7.3 and water pulley I'm guessing the bearing inside that messed up and is loose so my pulls is messed up ate a bit into the pump took the fan off so I can drive it home and not have to worry about the fan flying off then the pulley moved forward causing the belt to come off and is leaking fluid front the pump so this helped out a lot

  • Whiskey Tango
    Whiskey Tango  3 years ago

    That's a lot of work to use a used water pump.

  • duramaxnick_
    duramaxnick_  5 years ago

    Where can I buy the anti cavitation treatment?

  • AlmondChimera80
    AlmondChimera80  6 months ago

    Can you tell me is it normal for the upper radiator hose to be filled with air and you feel hot fluid on each side a mechanic told me these engines make steam and its normal

  • Birdlips
    Birdlips  a years ago

    Question about the fan clutch. It says it reversed threaded but it sure looked like you were going lefty loosy righty tighty when removing it and replacing it. Am I seeing that correct? I’m gonna replace my pump in a couple weeks, just trying to figure out the details. Thanks

  • My name is Steve Rogers

    Once you install the pump and lower radiator hose shouldn't you be filling the pump with coolant to check to see if there are any basic gravity leaks through the pump seal first in case you gotta re-do something??