I Dressed Like It Was 2007

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 15, 2017
  • I styled 3 outfits inspired by the popular fashions of a decade ago! Let me know what you think of my ~lookbook~ and if you want to see more of these!

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    Paramore and Lily Allen Visit FUSE's 'The Sauce' / Theo Wargo
    David And Victoria Beckham Arrive In Los Angeles / Frazer Harrison
    Jennifer Lopez Arrives At MTV's 'TRL' / Ray Tamarra
    Trapeze Dresses By Yves Saint Laurent / Chicago History Museum
    Teen People What's Next In New Talent In 2004 / Mark Mainz
    Ivar Nightclub Grand Opening Party / Ray Mickshaw
    Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2007 - Jean-Paul Gaultier / Karl Prouse
    Family Guy's 100th Episode Party - Arrivals / Mark Davis
    Claudia Jordan's Birthday Party / M. Phillips
    Carmen Electra How To Be Sexy Los Angeles Book Signing / Jon Kopaloff
    Mischa Barton Sighting at La Conversation Cafe / Chris Wolf
    Queen Latifah Visits and Ciara Hosts MTV's 'TRL' - March 5, 2007 / Jemal Countess
    KIIS-FM Wango Tango 2007 - Arrivals / Jean-Paul Aussenard
    Avril Lavigne's Pre-Showcase Photocall - June 26, 2007 / Lalo Yasky
    Photo of Avril LAVIGNE / Ross Gilmore
    2007 Teen Choice Awards - Arrivals / Jeffrey Mayer
    Jeffree Star Performs in Manchester / Shirlaine Forrest

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    Survey Of Historic Costume

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  • Safiya Nygaard  (May 15, 2017))

    HELLO LOVES! What do you guys think of this video?? What year do you want to see next?? I hope you like it! Love, Saf

  • Can you please do the year 1920

  • Kevin M  (Dec 20, 2018))

    I was born in the summer of 2007

  • Simply Nailogical  (May 16, 2017))

    I'm glad sweatpants are always in style

  • Khojista Begum Jonaky  (9 hours ago))

    I was one back then

  • Love Birds  (1 day ago))

    Simply Nailogical HOLO SEXUAL

  • Carson Elledge  (Jan 4, 2019))

    Literally like every outfit she’s wearing was in the old sims games

  • Blizz Galaxy Wolf  (Jan 27, 2019))

    Carson Elledge yea true :/

  • Wolf Life  (Jan 20, 2019))

    Yes true

  • Iron Heart  (Nov 9, 2018))

    Was anyone emo or scene in 2007?

  • Anne Rittwage  (1 hour ago))

    +Ari O. Ramirez My dad called me a whore once when I wanted to go out in torn nylons, so I know the feeling :/

  • Lærke Henriksen  (4 days ago))

    I was two

  • 《PattiRose》  (Jan 2, 2019))

    I wish I was emo during the peak of being emo but I was way too young 😂 I was 8I make up for it by being emo now at 20 haha

  • Crystal Wolf  (19 hours ago))

    Yea, I was crying cos I pooped my pants and wanted food in 2007...

  • Henna  (1 day ago))

    Same lol, I tried to look like emo when I was 10. I wish we could go back to that time.

  • EmXGarchomp  (Dec 10, 2018))

    When she wore the fob shirt I screamed inside YASSSSSSS

  • ThatMidgetAsian  (May 16, 2017))

    2007 was 10 years ago but I feel like it was a week ago

  • 12*

  • LuWho21  (Jan 6, 2019))

    ThatMidgetAsian I’m now watching this about 2 years later as it just turned 2019... craziness

  • Anna  (Dec 28, 2018))

    My little cousin sister is born in 2007, and I showed her this video and she was like "This is wrong. I only ever saw my mom wearing aprons."I feel bad for my aunt

  • Idah Shukri  (Jan 5, 2019))

    +UNICORN GIRL2.0 haha

  • UNICORN GIRL2.0  (Jan 5, 2019))

    Idah Shukri lol one of mine tooo

  • yoshivist  (Dec 10, 2018))

    I was born in 2001 so at the time I really didn't get this fashion but looking back to it I get this really safe and comfortable feeling. I guess these trends just say "safe childhood" to my subconsciousness.

  • darkroseofinsanity  (Jan 3, 2019))

    The emo part of me wishes I could rock that look.....