Life as a moon astronaut, here on Earth 👩‍🚀

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 16, 2019
  • Fifty years on from the Apollo 11 moon landing, I live like an astronaut on the lunar surface here on Earth. NASA has used this habitat, called HI-SEAS, or Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation, to prepare astronauts for life on the moon or Mars. I try eating freeze-dried food, use a composting toilet and explore the lunar surface on EVA or extravehicular activity.

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  • Lexy Savvides
    Lexy Savvides  3 months ago +6

    Thanks for watching my "astronaut" experience! 👩🏻‍🚀 🌘 got any questions?

  • Micah Yamanaka
    Micah Yamanaka  3 months ago

    45mins away from my house lol

  • Gerry Gonzali
    Gerry Gonzali  3 months ago

    If you still believe that NASA has ever been to space after seeing this, YOU’RE A MORON

  • Exxxtrasauce
    Exxxtrasauce  3 months ago

    There is no way living in Hawaii is like living on the moon lmao tf y’all talking about

  • georgio Armania2
    georgio Armania2  3 months ago +2

    Another fantastic beta test from Lexy. Go girl.

  • RanDom JamAican
    RanDom JamAican  3 months ago

    How many people actually believe they on the moon?

  • Ali
    Ali  3 months ago +4

    Lexy for the win

  • Pichkalu Pappita
    Pichkalu Pappita  3 months ago

    All this is fine, but the biggest thing is difference in gravity and atmosohere
    . .. How are they gonna create those test conditions on earth, it's impossible to create it along with doing all the day to day tasks within those conditions on earth

    AL RESTIVO  3 months ago +2

    I'm glad that Lexy is not ready for Mars, she would be too bussy to do any CNET :)

  • Mark Baland
    Mark Baland  3 months ago

    It would be more realistic if they had someone role play as the aliens who live on the “dark side”, who put the hollow moon here to meddle with our evolution and to observe us...

  • PnG
    PnG  3 months ago +1

    This got me thinking. How will astronauts resolve the need for sex on mars? Will they take special pills that restrict the desire? You can’t just hold it in for more than 2 years. It is pretty much torture

  • Eric Tsang
    Eric Tsang  3 months ago +2

    Absolutely unrealistic, they hv an upright vacumm and full size fridge? On Mars or moon? They should be worrying abt oxygen or sand storm on Mars! Looks like a whole bunch of kids playing in backyard tree house pretending to be on Mars

  • J Library
    J Library  3 months ago +2

    What a complete joke , they couldn’t go to the moon , there never had enough fuel it was a movie with actors, it’s all lies ,

  • usethefooorce
    usethefooorce  3 months ago

    9:23 You opened your helmet... that means you're dead (by the simulation rules of HI-SEAS -- or if you were really on the moon or Mars)...

  • usethefooorce
    usethefooorce  3 months ago +4

    8:30 Ironically, right as she says that the environment is "geologically accurate", the first plant life is shown...

  • captain9fingers
    captain9fingers  3 months ago +14

    Reminds me of when I used to live on the moon.

  • Thanos Killer
    Thanos Killer  3 months ago

    Holy shit this is torture. I hope I die before they have to live on Mars.

  • CNET
    CNET  3 months ago +5

    Mars and Moon habitat missions are closer to reality and we took a look at how this habitat is preparing astronauts and scientist to train for it.

  • theylied1776
    theylied1776  3 months ago

    That simulated Mars base bathroom doesn't have a Bidet? My God, you humans are primitive.

  • jimbert50
    jimbert50  3 months ago +1

    I don't think it will be raining on the moon or mars. hahaha