Breaking News: "Cascadia Mega Quake Destruction Coming" (Model Released)

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 15, 2019
  • also Toxic Waters Attack on our health" Pale Horse Rider also Get Your Copy of the "Blood Moons & Prophetic Signs" @ also also


  • Janie Halstead
    Janie Halstead  1 months ago +23

    I want to rededicate. Prayers for me to be cured of fibromyalgia

  • Ariel Parks
    Ariel Parks  1 months ago +21

    Check Dutchsinse channel for up to date earthquake information. He explains things very well so that regular people can understand it.

  • Tony Su
    Tony Su  1 months ago +39

    Disaster, earthquakes! all at a furious pace! God indeed is our shelter! We fear not! For you are our shield, our buckler, our ever present help in time of need! Thank you Jesus our Saviour! God bless you brothers and sisters! :)

  • J. Bergland
    J. Bergland  1 months ago +7

    If you want to be saved, ask Jesus Christ into your heart as Lord & Savior. Romans 10:9-13

  • Audrey Cooper
    Audrey Cooper  1 months ago +7

    So 4pm tomorrow in Texas is midnight blood moon in Jerusalem..i will be praying🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Yolie Giraldo
    Yolie Giraldo  1 months ago +11

    Awesome Ps Paul🙏🇮🇱 lost of blessings from Australia 🇦🇺

  • Sara Thompson
    Sara Thompson  1 months ago +4

    Pray for rain to fall in Zimbabwe and give thanks to our Father for giving them what they need

  • judgementiscoming soon
    judgementiscoming soon  1 months ago +5

    Men who love things of this world are not men of god

  • Maximus Forealious
    Maximus Forealious  1 months ago +8

    Glad to hear you're feeling better Paul.

  • MountainSmith
    MountainSmith  1 months ago +5

    Paul, I have nothing but love for you brother but wake up dude! You are showing a map of greys harbor, a low population area on the Washington State coast, that is no where near Seattle. Get your maps and facts straight bro!

  • Janie Halstead
    Janie Halstead  1 months ago +7

    I want to rededicate and healed from fibromyalgia

  • Bruce Behnke
    Bruce Behnke  1 months ago +2

    whats for lunch?? insect soup😲😵😕😠 ant-chilladas 😂

  • Melisa Wilson
    Melisa Wilson  1 months ago +4


  • akadcp82
    akadcp82  1 months ago +4

    I work in seattle. it will be destroyed by liberals long before any earthquake.

  • kerbar771-ahava7
    kerbar771-ahava7  1 months ago +3

    lol Pastor your opening statement with the hat is hilarious! Keep up the good work gumshoe!

  • Roxy Blue
    Roxy Blue  1 months ago +3

    🤣 now the rat story doesn’t sound so bad! Hee hee hee

  • Kiniferus Xj
    Kiniferus Xj  1 months ago +6

    Think about how scared the people are that live there...(Paul)?

  • Tricilla Girl
    Tricilla Girl  1 months ago +3

    John the Baptist ate Locust and Honey

  • Valinda McQueen
    Valinda McQueen  1 months ago +6

    Be saved today❤🕇 Time is running out.........Heaven........will be a wonderful place........
    Don't wait. Don't be left behind!
    We love you!

  • judgementiscoming soon
    judgementiscoming soon  1 months ago +5

    You can’t love two masters you might love one more than the other