Trying Clickbait Clothing "Hacks" From Instagram

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 8, 2018
  • So I've been seeing these clothing and fashion hack videos all over Instagram, and they always seem so incredibly strange that I decided to test a bunch of them out and see how they were! We tried a few out from different instagram accounts and pages and ended up with a boxer bralette, a laminated shirt, a skirt weighed down with coins, a bra strap necklace, and napkin shoes!

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  • Safiya Nygaard  (Jul 8, 2018))

    ALSO!! make sure to make it to the end of the video to cast your vote for what my next tattoo should be (by clicking on the "i" icon in the corner)! love you guys!! BTW, if you don't see the "i" icon then hover or click on the screen to see it in the corner!

  • mathilde gaillard  (Apr 14, 2019))

    If you do this « Instagram hacks » type of video again, I would suggest you to screen record the video in order to then be able to navigate through the video 😉

  • Ricey Cat  (Dec 21, 2018))

    These hacks are at least better than Troom Troom

  • Maikel Fist  (Jul 9, 2018))

    Challenge Suggestion: Dress like a randomized Sim for a week.

  • Irma Kardosi  (4 days ago))

    Oh boi yes please

  • Cursed Teddy  (Apr 13, 2019))


  • Emma  (Dec 15, 2018))

    Anyone here after the engagement

  • Nkaye Marong  (Apr 16, 2019))


  • Thorn Hex  (Apr 12, 2019))


  • Ricky Ricardo  (Mar 14, 2019))

    the most unbelievable thing about the iron on graphic hack is how perfectly that lady cut out that circular picture

  • xXComplexXx  (Jan 8, 2019))

    Clothing hacksdid you mean: _destroying all of your bras_ ?

  • Karley Swarts  (Mar 2, 2019))

    lol you're supposed to coat the shoe in mod podge and then stick the napkin to it. Let it dry and then coat the outside 😂😂🤦‍♀Never realized how glad I am that I learned how to use mod podge in high school

  • Christy  (5 days ago))

    I had to google mod podge....heard of it somewhere, just no idea what it was :) I'm most definitely not an artsy craftsy type of person lol.

  • Jessica  (Mar 28, 2019))

    royalfourever she’s doing this from just watching the videos and the comments.

  • Loved By You  (Jul 9, 2018))

    Safiya could you do trying to cook five IG RECIPES!!!! Or twitter recipes and have Tyler try it!!! Lol


    I'm starting a channel doing just that. DM me for the channel now. I don't want my proposed title stolen.

  • Aleene and Friends  (Dec 16, 2018))

    Can you try “hacks” from Pinterest next?

  • Theresa Blue  (Mar 11, 2019))

    For the quarter skirt if you used washers instead they could be sewn onto the skirt.

  • kay g  (Apr 2, 2019))

    Yeah she said that in the video 11:06 lmao but good idea

  • wildermidnight  (Mar 24, 2019))

    hem weights are nothing new. they're just too expensive for mass production, even in more expensive designer apparel. you can find them at sewing stores in different sizes and weights already attached to ribbon so its easy to sew into a hem.

  • Zoe Lee  (Feb 25, 2019))

    Tyler: “Safyia you are u are wearing underwear right?”Safyia: “On my top half”