Stop Feeling Guilting for what You Deserve

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 24, 2017
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  • LN SB
    LN SB  7 days ago

    Shera! I’m 40 and have kids and from H town, let’s link up!

  • xMelfina
    xMelfina  7 days ago

    You need 10 million views!!!!!!

  • Barbershop Willard

    Guilty P no good unless i give u D an you break yoself or keep sitting an peeing alone

    METALFACEDOOM  21 days ago +1

    You lame asf.

  • mimi boyd
    mimi boyd  21 days ago

    Thank you for helping ladies that don't value themselves. Sorry to say I was one of them, but I'm changing day by day. THANKS 😊😊😊

  • Ada Darling
    Ada Darling  21 days ago

    18:40 This never gets old, lol

  • NeNe _thestylist
    NeNe _thestylist  21 days ago

    LORD KNOWS I am soo HAPPY I found your channel girrl. My daughter(22yrs & I) are learning so FREAKIN MUCH from you. We quickly subscribed & clicked the bell 💪😁💃👋

  • Kris Mladjenovic
    Kris Mladjenovic  21 days ago

    If all women had standards men would be better, wake up women, men are bad because they can get you with that type of behavior

  • Kris Mladjenovic
    Kris Mladjenovic  21 days ago

    Pickmishas talk about love, but their man don't love them. So you just making excuses

  • TruthFan
    TruthFan  28 days ago +6

    I’m glad I watched this episode. You’ve got so many videos I now consider this a soap opera.

    I went out and bought myself a $200 bottle of Ton Ford perfume. I dressed up, did my makeup and went to the Tom Ford boutique. I was treated very well, as I walked up and down Oak Street, people were looking with curiosity. The sales guys at Tom Ford were looking when I walked out of Chanel right across the street. I feel this purchase has mentally prepared me for accepting expensive gifts.

    The next time I go, it will be with my millionaire.

  • zaya Alive
    zaya Alive  a months ago

    God bless you and your self worth. Best mentor ever thank you Lord Jesus amen!!!

  • Paris Mercury
    Paris Mercury  a months ago

    As always, you are telling the truth. Amen Sister! Thank you for the strong effort to help the brainwashed Pickmisha's. Right on the money as they say, punn intended😁

  • All Things Rickita
    All Things Rickita  a months ago

    That's stupid.... You're dumb! Thanks for the reality check.

  • serine lwla
    serine lwla  a months ago +1

    How old are you shera you look so young

  • Travel with Gemini Queen

    I’m an older woman I you young ladies need to listen to what she is saying. Men are natural providers and hunters. They need to feel needed. That’s why must men marry down and raise the woman they are with to a higher standard. So even if you have a successful career and can take of yourself act like a dazzle sometimes. Act like you can’t open the ketchup bottle. I never pump gas in my car or maintain it. I am feminine at all times. I married for love once and never will do it again. Just like Shera said they leave you with a broke heart and financially ruined.

  • Marie  Rimmer
    Marie Rimmer  a months ago

    One thing that I have learned in life is keeping my spiritual side to myself. I know what I believe, I know what I like and do not and there is no need for my spirituality to be a conversational piece. Just be what I am and live, everything else will fall in line with its's own due time.

  • Crystal R
    Crystal R  a months ago

    Love it!! Great Video and Funny too!!!

  • Emilia Shafir
    Emilia Shafir  a months ago

    When you threw the ‘gift’ LMAO

  • Zoey mrs. pie
    Zoey mrs. pie  a months ago +4

    I think a lot of us are raised to be “happy with what you got” asking questions is considered back talk, little girls are forced to do chores and have strict rules but the boys get babied. I think we are brainwashed by parents and society to accept and take care of dusties

  • DD BOY
    DD BOY  2 months ago

    If you embarrass a man if front of his mom...that Sh$t is over. If he is a simp, his mom will talk so much about you he will eventually wake up. You are going to get someone an ass whipping. Women at the function will jump and whip that ass for you. Women please do this stupid Sh$t. Wait until you get home.