Automation Empire Gameplay Ep 1 - BETTER THAN FACTORIO and SATISFACTORY?

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 14, 2019
  • New Real-Time Strategy Tycoon Sim Production Management Game 2019 - Factorio/Satisfactory style Game

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    Automation Empire is due for release on 20th Nov 2019. It's a simulation / management game all about efficiency and expansion. Start with nothing, and build up a massive interconnected industrial network of factories and machines. Economical transportation of resources will be essential to your success as an automation-engineer. Utilize every tool you have access to, including mine carts, drones. trucks, trains, and cargo rockets. Employ your ingenuity and creativity to plan out an efficient logistics network of machines to form a mechanical superorganism of production.

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    Skyes PC Spec
    CPU: Intel i9-9900k @5.0 GHz
    RAM: 64GB
    GPU: Gigabyte Aorus GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Xtreme Waterforce 11G

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  • Skye Storme
    Skye Storme  28 days ago +15

    Automation Empire Full Series Playlist ►
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  • Jay Wu
    Jay Wu  13 hours ago

    Super this video has now made my decision to buy this game now

  • TitanShield TP
    TitanShield TP  yesterday

    Satisfactory > Factorio

  • Oroberus
    Oroberus  3 days ago

    I will indeed agree to most of the people: Nope, not even close.

    Don't get me wrong, it's a need little game for filling an hour every now and again but that's it.

    It is fun, no doubt but at the same time it is extremely shallow and offers nothing in terms of progression or 'skill ceiling'. The time it takes to master this game, is about the same time it takes to learn even the most rudimentary basics of Factorio xD

  • Namoth
    Namoth  5 days ago its trying to be factorio in 3d ,but still locked on a 2d plane ...and no hostiles to challenge you ?..or infitive map generation script..hmm...still inferior mechanicly to factorio even if it is good looking and with its drones and diveristy in infrastructure a 'acolyte' studying in the right direction.
    then agen..can I buy it on g.o.g or another drm free actually! leet you have a install copy to save physicly site ? ?...sorry , to much corp and despotic bs from the mainstream sites these days.

  • Xeriatos LaTochei

    I believe it's near impossible to be at the level as Factorio. That game just doesn't get boring but this already bored me out by watching it.

  • arctic 1878
    arctic 1878  6 days ago +1

    No factory game comes even close to Factorio.

  • Lord Maxwell
    Lord Maxwell  7 days ago

    Better ? its to different to really compare IMO

  • Petar Djordjevic
    Petar Djordjevic  7 days ago


  • Kraven
    Kraven  7 days ago

    Can't you put All Coal miners feeding into ONE container? And no multiple trucks for ONE truck stop,

  • Wasted Watts
    Wasted Watts  7 days ago

    Got the game from Steam, but you seem to be able to look straight into a collector, or storage tank and I don't seem to have that ability. Are you using a PC keyboard combination to do that? You are also turning the view to see from other angles and I have yet to figure out how to do that. UPDATE: the answer seems to be the mouse wheel. If I mash it down and move the mouse about, the view changes, to include the view angle. Makes a huge difference when trying to connection various bits and pieces to other bits and pieces.

  • seePyou
    seePyou  7 days ago

    Better than Factorio? Carts going both ways in a single track with no engine or use of power. Power you pay for to someone. Drones that load and unload but are actually the worse means of loading. I mean... no... this is not better, it's another game, it's a simple automation puzzle game, nothing like Factorio. So no, it's better or worse in the way an ant is better or worse than the space shuttle.
    Also, "This is perfect setup" where the demand (3 every 9 second) is uneven to the supply (3 every 10 second). This is not perfect, perfect would be balanced which is (oh damn math....) 1/3 vs 1/10 so carry the one... 3 packagers (3 every 3 seconds so 1 per second) and 10 miners (10 every 10 seconds so 1 per second).

  • christer nordqvist

    just started it by my salf and i love it

  • Sapphire Spire
    Sapphire Spire  7 days ago +1

    According to that UI, there are exactly 4 weeks in a month, 28 days. That suggests a 13 month perennial calendar, which is awesome. Dishonored had 13 month calendars on the walls, it was easy to miss though. This game looks quite fun.

  • thisis4me futura
    thisis4me futura  7 days ago

    No, it's not better than factorio
    Did you get payed for this vid?

  • Anthony Messenger

    1st-time viewer. loved the content and style, subbed and liked

  • Lightpyro
    Lightpyro  7 days ago

    you cannot compare this game to those 2 games even they have few things in common but also this game is very good as factorio and satisfactorio But again all of them have they own stuff so dont compare like that way is better or not Lol its just depend what you like to play and the way to play aswell... this game has map limited so you have that to deal with and factorio is more open and almost endless map size.. statisfactori has map limited aswell but the map is not small on that either...

  • abdullah ingga Pranata

    no corner track

  • Lucas Reichennek
    Lucas Reichennek  7 days ago

    Fun enough game, but not even comparable to other builders in intricacy.

  • Tbraz
    Tbraz  7 days ago +6

    Factorio players have already found 3 ways to make this more efficient