Daniel Boulud Challenges Amateur Cook To Keep Up With Him | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 2, 2017
  • French chef Daniel Boulud challenges amateur cook Jessica to keep up with him as they progress through Boulud's Tunisian brik pastry recipe in 15 minutes with their backs to each other. Without the benefit of visual aids, Jessica attempts to keep up with chef Boulud's hurried audio instructions (and accent).

    An updated version of Daniel Boulud’s book "Letters to a Young Chef" came out on October 3. In it, he shares the story of his career and the lessons he has learned along the way.

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    Daniel Boulud Challenges Amateur Cook To Keep Up With Him | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit


  • Lennydotdotdot  (Nov 2, 2017))

    "I don't know how it is called in English, so good luck."

  • Andrea G  (Jan 30, 2019))

    Should be a WORLD wide motto

  • Alamda Ali  (Nov 4, 2018))


  • Him: "There is five sides"Her: "Like a hexagon?"Him: "Yea, like a hexagon"Her: *Cuts it into a rectangle*

  • ArualBlack  (Nov 8, 2018))

    +Orlando Kwok-Cameron if you unfold a rectangle it still has four sides!

  • Soumi Mandal  (Oct 5, 2018))


  • adwagmusic  (Nov 8, 2017))

    "are you keeping your station clean, Jessica?" -cut to her station covered in cut up bits. Hilarious editing!

  • natalia b lee  (Feb 6, 2019))

    her station is still way cleaner than shane's! lol

  • Bianca Keynes  (Jun 29, 2018))

    said every guest chef ever on this series!

  • ThePictoucounty  (Nov 2, 2017))

    I think she did really well considering how fast he was going

  • Ratigan2  (Jan 17, 2019))

    And with his tough vocabulary 😂

  • captainrobots  (Dec 1, 2018))

    I would off mess up badly.

  • Ronan OhAlluin  (Nov 2, 2017))

    He was pretty nice to her!

  • pretty fast too

  • Moxie Music  (Aug 18, 2018))

    I had a 13.5 minute anxiety attack just watching the master daniel lol

  • Jesperi Packayammy  (Nov 2, 2017))

    OK, now we are going to take the feuille de brique, THE WHO ?

  • Angélo Hyacinthus  (Nov 15, 2018))

    I am dead! HAHA

  • Karrie Welch  (Nov 2, 2017))

    She did a great job! Especially since there was a bit of a language barrier.

  • Kelley Sunthimer  (May 24, 2018))

    I thought she did well too regardless whether there was a language barrier or not.

  • illiniwu  (May 21, 2018))

    Chef said "arrose" instead of baste and "couer" instead of core. Chef even said he did not know the English word for couer, the core of the cherry tomato. He managed to explain it though, so it shows his experience teaching/training others.

  • DOLAN DUK  (Nov 2, 2017))

    He seems to be the friendliest/nicest among all the chefs who have done this.

  • Fraser de Gamer  (Jan 5, 2019))

    Nah Ramsay was the nicest

  • Leia Jiang  (Oct 4, 2018))

    The girl looks more like a chef, the chef looks like a old teacher trying to get kids to do their work

  • Ditseh V  (Nov 2, 2017))

    She did pretty well compared to the guys who have done this before her.

  • armybear1  (Sep 22, 2018))

    Pretty sure Shane only eats like microwaved food, and instant noodles, and just like super basic stuff that you only toss on the pan without prepping when he has to cook for himself based on his knife skills.

  • Maha  (Dec 28, 2017))

    I agree, but I like the cook who went up against Gordon and Bobby better. Mainly just because he did horrible and his personality was funny

  • Jeff Shands  (Nov 3, 2017))

    Other than the scary knife skills, Jessica did a very admirable job. Besides the fact that no "Amateur Cook" would be making this dish.

  • Caramelia M  (Jul 1, 2018))

    Yes, but were you under time pressure when you made it the first time, with kind of unclear instructions from behind you? I think she did really well, considering the circumstances!