Daniel Boulud Challenges Amateur Cook To Keep Up With Him | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

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  • Published on:  Thursday, November 2, 2017
  • French chef Daniel Boulud challenges amateur cook Jessica to keep up with him as they progress through Boulud's Tunisian brik pastry recipe in 15 minutes with their backs to each other. Without the benefit of visual aids, Jessica attempts to keep up with chef Boulud's hurried audio instructions (and accent).

    An updated version of Daniel Boulud’s book "Letters to a Young Chef" came out on October 3. In it, he shares the story of his career and the lessons he has learned along the way.

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    Daniel Boulud Challenges Amateur Cook To Keep Up With Him | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit


  • Alex Halász
    Alex Halász  yesterday

    This was so stressful to watch.

  • Brandy Roberts
    Brandy Roberts  1 months ago

    This was awesome.. they did great together.

  • Robbert
    Robbert  1 months ago

    She needs to learn how to use a knife before she chops a finger off.

  • Miriam Fease
    Miriam Fease  3 months ago

    I think she did pretty well considering he didn’t tell her to even separate the egg ❤️❤️

  • Eli's Animations & More

    That thing looks good, I am going to try am make it at home.

  • SDoesNotKnow
    SDoesNotKnow  3 months ago

    Despite the fact that Chef Daniel Boulud isn't a native English speaker, I found his directions to Jessica a lot less vague than Ramsay's was to Shane. Ramsay was speaking to Shane as if he had some culinary training and didn't fully explain the steps the way Carla or Bobby Flay did. To be fair to Gordon, he probably had a different understanding of Shane's self-rating of "2" than Shane did while it was clear Shane was more on the level of someone who cooks dinner by heating up hot pockets in a microwave.

  • Don Jay
    Don Jay  3 months ago

    The Who ? 🤨😂

  • Jason Lising
    Jason Lising  3 months ago

    this is hard to watch

  • Xaos
    Xaos  3 months ago

    This was a mess.... stressed me out. Couldn’t even finish watching.

  • d d
    d d  3 months ago

    It is refreshing to see that
    Bolud, a chef far superior to Gordon Ramsay in areas of
    style and technique is also his better in terms of kindness
    and courtesy.
    I mention Ramsay only because he was also - unfortunately - featured in this ba series. I started to follow ba to escape Ramsay but he follows me like a bad smell!

  • Julie George
    Julie George  4 months ago

    This woman is so confident and comfortable on camera. It's so fun to watch these two cook

  • Chernin Productions
    Chernin Productions  4 months ago

    Chef Daniel Boulud is the best! I love his restaurants especially the one in Miami 😍

  • Roseemerald Sapphire

    I just love carla

  • Cierra Ashley
    Cierra Ashley  5 months ago


  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones  5 months ago

    omg...wth....I didn't know it was supposed to be a race.

  • Annie C
    Annie C  5 months ago

    we need one with 2 chefs

  • Ahmad Jamaluleil
    Ahmad Jamaluleil  5 months ago

    Is that a Ben 10 wrist watch👽

  • Sarah Zaifullizan
    Sarah Zaifullizan  5 months ago

    Coming here from Carla’s videos, I can see why she’s the favourite.

  • Cheyenne Begay
    Cheyenne Begay  5 months ago +1

    5:47 "A disposa-bowl? That's a good idea." 😂 at least that's how I heard it lol

  • Troye Padalecki
    Troye Padalecki  5 months ago

    He was soooo fast damn she did such a good job