Magical night, isn't it? | lofi hip hop | Chillhop, Jazzhop, Chillout [Study/Sleep/Game]

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 5, 2018
  • Welcome, my dear friends 🖤 This music is ideal for background music at work, while studying, playing games or just for sleeping: ●Lofi ●Chill ●Jazz ●Background ●Ambient ●Indie _____________________👁Art 🖤🖤🖤My channel is not monetized. Patreon Is the only way to support me 🙏⭕Tracklist: 00:00 M∆GNUS -Im not sad. I just made this for the people who are.02:44 Essence - only time will tell.04:29 Essence - lets run away and never look back06:13 Lofi SENPAI-Don't Turn Me Down~09:36 aura-i wish i could take it back but i cant11:33 kudasai - the idea of you 13:33 NEOPLASMA-thinking about you [w. Oui Lele]15:54 0_core - Not me18:33 dann.gogh -Little Nightmares20:23 buenos dias, princesa-me preguntaron por drogas... les hable de su sonrisa22:40 petunie-the sun is falling down25:30 KollektivTraum-Going Home⭕Support Artist:M∆GNUS🌹 SENPA dias, princesa✔ Subscribe, support me,I'm trying for you :) _____________________________________________❗If you're a owner of any song/picture on this channel and want it removed, just leave a message on my E-Mail and I'll do my best to delete it as soon as possible. :) ✉ [email protected]______________________________✉Submit your music :✉Submit art :


  • Tara Kay
    Tara Kay  a years ago +1623

    This is getting me through finals week. I’ve missed over a month of school for anxiety and I’m almost caught up. If you’re reading this, take this as a sign that everything is going to be okay. It will work out.

  • Elly 0203
    Elly 0203  10 months ago +442

    If you are reading this, have a nice day :)

  • Magnum
    Magnum  7 months ago +696

    it’s 5am, i am just sitting here. the stars are gone, the sun isn’t up, there isn’t anything to look at. i’m tired, lonely, and depressed. i haven’t really talked to anyone in weeks. i need to talk to someone, but when ever i try i get even more depressed that i can’t keep a conversation going, and if i don’t talk to anybody, i get depressed that i am wasting my life away, in my room. i need to sleep, but it feels wrong to close my eyes. i try to make up stories in my head. oh, and hour passed just thinking. at this point sleeping feels like a chore, but when i am asleep i feel happy, i know i am in a dream, i get to control it. this makes makes me feel like i can’t breathe, but it is comforting. thanks.

  • Twenty One Shini Chemical Crybabies Xox

    Wish I could live in the cover picture...💘😞🖤✨

  • Matthew
    Matthew  a years ago +1798

    My greatest desire has always been to increase the night, in order to fill it more and more, my dreams.

  • TheSparkyWriter
    TheSparkyWriter  a years ago +923

    The title of that first one. Thanks Magnus. We appreciate it.

  • Daikaji
    Daikaji  10 months ago +275

    Sometimes, at night, I look off into the distance and just want to go. I want to run and jump and never get tired. I want to lose myself and surrender all thoughts to the night. Just living in the moment.

  • Junior Verhelst
    Junior Verhelst  11 months ago +138

    I wish my life was full of lofi

  • HonestLEIR
    HonestLEIR  11 months ago +442

    I've been all over YouTube leaving little poems and stuff for you.
    I remember you saying you loved reading people's comments and it took you away from the bleak hospital room you were stuck in.
    So guess What? You won't have to worry about not having any to read. I mean I'm sure they have Wi-Fi in heaven Right? Or where ever you are Now? Probably fiber optic too haha. Anyways, if you feel bored sometimes. And you feel like reading my crappy little lines, well they're there for you.
    I'll see you soon yeah?

  • Church of Tea follower
    Church of Tea follower  a years ago +629

    life. it's a word that is you. you are alive. you know some times I look out the window out to the stars and wonder why there is life. it brings you pain and sadness. but it also brings joy. I don't know what I feel. do you? some times the night is just engulfing. it pulls you in and gives you no sense of life or feeling. we all watch the night go by because we have no choice. this all might be pointless but for some of us we can use this all for a hold onto reality.

  • Genøs
    Genøs  a years ago +196

    Listening to this mid examination week, I've got to say, theres nothin better than laying down on your bed and listening to this mix. Wish there was someone to stare at the stars with..

  • Dreamy
    Dreamy  a years ago +748

    00:00 M∆GNUS -Im not sad. I just made this for the people who are.
    02:44 Essence - only time will tell.
    04:29 Essence - lets run away and never look back
    06:13 Lofi SENPA-Don't Turn Me Down~
    09:36 aura-i wish i could take it back but i cant
    11:33 kudasai - the idea of you
    13:33 NEOPLASMA-thinking about you [w. Oui Lele]
    15:54 0_core - Not me
    18:33 dann.gogh -Little Nightmares
    20:23 buenos dias, princesa-me preguntaron por drogas... les hable de su sonrisa
    22:40 petunie-the sun is falling down
    25:30 KollektivTraum-Going Home

  • Pippo Bello
    Pippo Bello  a years ago +275

    Sometime at night, he would go out onto the rooftop and look at the stars. Some strange things, the stars. They are the lights of things away from us millions and millions of hours and kilometers. For all we know, the star that made that light is gone and we are looking at the past. Maybe this was the reason that he felt so nostalgic watching the stars. But, nostalgic of what. Is not like he had something to be nostalgic of. He was kinda sad, but like not really sad. He felt like there were something more, something missing from his everyday life. So he grabbed his backpack, and fly towards the stars, to see if they had the answers. I don’t know if he found them, but I’m sure he is got a hella of a sight up there.

  • Over watch Star craft
    Over watch Star craft  a years ago +151

    Why fight, bicker, argue, wage war, kill, bully, wish I’ll, if we all chill out and work together we can accomplish so much more, #stayMellow.

  • Nikita Muntean
    Nikita Muntean  10 months ago +131

    Jesus all these over inspirational comments are too much for me.

  • Bruce Willis
    Bruce Willis  11 months ago +34

    to conquer the stars, you must start little by little on the ground. skill doesnt build in a day and sometimes not even a week. but you do want to see the glowing spectacles every night sky right? be ambitious and head for those dreams that lie above the skies but also inside your heart.

  • Blue .Consious
    Blue .Consious  10 months ago +61

    I love going outside in the rain (at night), it's so calming hearing the rain hit the trees. Looking at the stars imagining...remembering.....

  • 리리
    리리  7 months ago +26

    I have depression and my days are always dark.. also i feel like my soul is almost dead.
    But sometimes your play-list touched me so deeply..
    always thank you. I'm really consoled to your songs.
    Happy new year.
    (sorry for wrong grammer i'm not good at english ;D )

  • Elizabeth Stogner
    Elizabeth Stogner  11 months ago +121

    I don’t know why but this made me cry. I’ve had some shitty experiences and this just got to me and well that’s a lot considering I’m not a very emotionally person. Thanks to the person who made this I feel better now.
    Thank you to the peeps who thumbed the comment ❤️😝

  • Shy Kitten
    Shy Kitten  7 months ago +127

    I sit here in my room tonight, lying asleep on my couch while my brother is in my bed fast asleep. I feel so many emotions going by. My life seems to be going by right before my eyes. It feels like only a month ago we went to the store together. It feels like only a week ago we watched a movie at your house. It feels like a few days ago we fought and argue. But... every day feels like yesterday since you've passed... Why is it when I need you most and can understand you most you left? Why did I wish such horrible things? Its been 2 years since my wish finally came true and it still feels like only yesterday I got the news that you took your final breath and cried your last tear... I only hope now that you are so much happier, free of your illnesses in your mind. I'm sorry, but I'll see you soon when I lived a life you'd be happy of. I love you, mom...💔
    edit: Thank you all that are commenting and having empathy towards this. I really appreciate this. You are all wonderful human beings