15 Moments of Merciless Wild Animals Hunting

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 21, 2021
  • Predators need to eat and when they’re on the hunt, nothing will stop them. This countdown includes a lot of graphic content, so please be advised it’s not for the faint of heart. I had a difficult time watching a hyena eat a wildebeest alive. And when I saw a zebra walk out of the water with its guts spilling out, I don’t want to tell you how I felt. If you have the heart for it, keep watching as we count down 15 moments of merciless wild animals hunting.

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    Apparently, this lion had made a kill just before this one, but when he saw this very sick and blind zebra, he couldn’t resist and had to go for it. You can see the zebra just standing there while the lion watches and even when the lion goes for the kill, the zebra barely moves and it is game over in seconds. This zebra is being taken down by a couple of lionesses, but it’s trying to get back up and pulls away as hard as it can. The lionesses finally bring it down after a lot of holding and biting. These two kudus are fighting each other, going head-to-head, but they don’t notice a lioness approaching. One of the kudus is fighting to get away from the lioness. The lioness can be seen biting on the kudu's leg and shredding the flesh. Once the kudu is on the ground, its horns are useless. The kudu is finished once its hind leg muscles are ruptured. This male lion brings down the fastest antelope in the world, the Topi. The lion suffocates the animal until it takes its last breath.

    These two lionesses try to take down this stag roan, but the animal fights back. Unfortunately, after striking the animal several times, the stag roan is not able to get up again and you can see it trying to move on its knees. The lionesses wait for a little before delivering the final blow. These two male lions team up to kill a lone hyena. The hyena has no chance to survive such an attack, even though it tries to free itself. The lions are just too powerful. This powerful lion chases a hyena and with a swift bite to the neck, the new matriarch is dead and the day belongs to the lion. The king of the jungle drags the dead hyena as night falls. This lioness stalks and chases a nyala bull until it catches up to it and finishes it off. Two young lions stalk and kill a male Nyala. After a successful hunt, they bring the carcass into some bushes and leave it there while they have a drink and some fun!


    A herd of wildebeest is perplexed in this video when one of their own is abducted and attacked by a crocodile. Some members of the herd have never seen a crocodile. Even when the complete horror unfolds in front of them, they are perplexed as to what is happening. And that was only the beginning. The Grumeti River is home to 300 voracious crocodiles. Crocodiles and other predators affect wildebeests in different ways. Even the adults appear to be unsure of how dangerous they are. The calf's urge to fill his thirst triumphs over any fear he may be experiencing. With remarkable ease, the crocodiles glide around them. They are astute hunters that meticulously plan their attack. A strike could occur at any time. Despite the attack, the mother and her calf are still alive. They return to the plains in a stampede.

    It's more of a spectator sport for the baboons who are observing. They'd be better off settling down. It can take a long time for a single croc to overwhelm its prey. Crocodiles are cooperative feeders who work together. The death roll shreds the prey into bite-sized pieces, but the reptiles' anger might spill over. Once jammed in these merciless jaws, few escapes, and this wildebeest is condemned to die. The wildebeest are thirsty, and they can’t help themselves, but the crocodiles love it because they just love helping themselves. When submerged, crocodiles have the advantage over huge prey like wildebeests due to their long, hefty bodies and small legs.

    As the wildebeest becomes increasingly inundated by the water, the crocodiles pull them further away from life and closer to death. These wildebeest are trying to cross the river and one of them is caught by this crocodile. The wildebeest is in deep water, and it will not make it to shore. This zebra tries to get away from this wildebeest, but the damage is extremely bad as the zebra’sguts are falling out of its body. This is gross as the entire insides of the zebra are coming out as the zebra is jumping up and down. I have never seen anything like this before, and I must say it’s difficult for me to watch. This is sure death for the striped horse.