Bean and Corn Salad (or Dip): YSAC - Episode 8

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 29, 2015
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    You could get hurt making this bean dip:

    My Mom has spent her life stealing other people's recipes. To teach her a lesson, I stole this stolen recipe from her but I will giver her zero credit. Hopefully one day she will realize the error of her ways and stop making all of that delicious food.


  • Games R Wardens
    Games R Wardens  3 days ago

    Wait a minute he said burrow instead of borrow


  • xea 124
    xea 124  5 days ago

    Nobody talking bout how tripping the opening song

  • Fire Fox69
    Fire Fox69  14 days ago

    I was watching with subtitles and it said when he mixed the dressing “wang jangling noises”

  • Riley Anderson
    Riley Anderson  14 days ago

    Everyone turn the captions on please.

  • Anime Person Here
    Anime Person Here  21 days ago

    0:42 Thong 0.0

  • samueltc
    samueltc  21 days ago

    Caption qoutes wanjangle

  • T SexyRexy
    T SexyRexy  1 months ago

    Jesus this must be like.... schizophrenia

  • Winternational
    Winternational  1 months ago

    by the looks of it you've never skateboarded but can sing and chef so we good

  • Bristi Majumdar
    Bristi Majumdar  1 months ago

    Who is watching this after the sad episode where his sister wants her Vitamix back?

  • william badovinac
    william badovinac  1 months ago

    There are clues about who this entity "The Wang Jangler" is. No you are dead wrong! The Jangler is an alien living between the poles of a globe in a huge library of an alternate universe. That's why he's so smart. But "J" also has the web channel of YouSuck and "J" has cross-linked with YouTube and shit. Those are not his real hands. "J" is projecting through a French-Canadian-American in the Illusion Islands.

  • Alina H
    Alina H  1 months ago

    whenever there's a reflective surface i look for his face
    he's damn good at hiding it

  • Justin Xin
    Justin Xin  2 months ago

    What the f*ck is a salad anyways?

  • Popcorn Chicken
    Popcorn Chicken  2 months ago +1

    its 4:04 am don't lie to us

  • Tellis Varda
    Tellis Varda  2 months ago

    Can people PLEASE stop ruining food with cilantro

  • Sofia Garcia
    Sofia Garcia  2 months ago

    From watching these videos I’ve discovered that.. hmm.. This man has some strange ass objects imma just say that

  • Justified Mayhem
    Justified Mayhem  2 months ago

    Glad to find out I'm not the only one wears a thong while cooking. It so relaxing right?

  • xxo Smith
    xxo Smith  2 months ago

    med student here. exam week. going through some really gross stuffs. back to this channel whenever i feel like throwing up over textbook. so thanks, i guess?

  • RavenclawIngenious
    RavenclawIngenious  2 months ago

    This is still one of my favorite episodes

  • sCHAME
    sCHAME  2 months ago

    He's definitely Canadian. Only a Canadian man will 'boorrow'. An American would 'borrow'

  • Friends With the moon

    Was that peice of would carved like a dick