The Secret Life of Jeffree Star

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 8, 2018
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  • shane  11 months ago


  • i just wanna say forgiveness looks like forgetting when you forgive correctly so with that being said i forgive you just always be contrite and inclusive with your products..... love you

  • Sofia Putanesca  8 days ago

    Shane is worth 12 million. ooo "soo poor'

  • Lauren Kopack  11 months ago

    Just saying I would buy the hell out of a Shane x Jeffree palette collab!

  • perfect_dazzy  11 months ago

    laurennicolemua yessss

  • Natalie Schlagel  2 months ago

    When you’re at 7 11 and you see 4 YouTubers and a multimillionaire

  • M Elizabeth  yesterday

    @Rey he has tons of subs and views he must be making quite a bit

  • Why Me  8 days ago

    Alice Roberts Most of his conspiracy videos are demonetized so that's why he does them so little now.

  • Kari_Haruna  2 months ago

    Garrett is so nerdy and dorky and just himself no matter what. Part of me felt like Jeffree would think he is cringey but if you actually think about what jeffree actually likes, he likes people who are real and themselves and just casual enough to make him feel like one of them.

  • Kari_Haruna for real Jeffree seems like a genuine good person.

  • rico 78910  1 months ago

    Garrett is my favorite because he is a Harry Potter nerd and I’m a Harry Potter nerd so hail Garrett

  • Obse Williams  2 months ago

    Shane makes himself sound poor af😂😂 boy you aint struggling😂😂

  • Christy Linck  17 days ago

    This comment made me think of that hilarious parody of Jeffree and Shane together, where he says he's poor too everyone including the dogs 💀

  • Honorary Tuba  23 days ago

    @eva lagro did you seriously just say he's rich because he owns one of the most common items owned within almost every level of income

  • Maya Bradley  1 months ago

    “Harry Potter 1 was the best in the series”“godDAMN IT”dead

  • paige snook  13 days ago

    me too.

  • Erika Forsythe  15 days ago

    *tiktok entered the chat*

  • Nadia  11 months ago

    shane is the oprah of youtube

  • Madyson Bonilla  19 days ago

    He is the Ellen and Mr beast is Oprah

  • Amira Brown  20 days ago

    shane is better than oprah

  • Steph  1 months ago

    “I told you to come with no make up, what happened?”“Oh, I thought you were lying”IM DEAD😂😂😂😂😂

  • happy fish  1 months ago

    Anyone else binge watching every collab with Shane and Jefree, just me ok

  • Taylor Moran  3 days ago

    I binge watch all of Shane’s videos

  • Tegan Rogers  5 days ago


  • Horseh Pson  2 months ago

    Jeffree from early 2000s: dear diary, i wish there was more than 2 genders2019: I've got some news for you

  • Boris Sheen  yesterday

    there's still only 2 genders.