St. Vincent & Dua Lipa | Masseduction / One Kiss | 2019 GRAMMYs

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 11, 2019
  • St. Vincent & Dua Lipa share the stage for mashup performance of their respective songs, 'Masseduction' and 'One Kiss.'

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  • DamienHurts  (Feb 13, 2019))

    The camera man couldn't handle all that raw sexual fire at 1:38

  • 235azrael  (1 day ago))

    lol coz it's difficult to control camera 2ith one hand 😂

  • Epoka 1009  (Feb 19, 2019))

    He snapped hard

  • Ainar -  (Feb 16, 2019))

    i want someone to look at me the way st. vincent looks at dua lipa

  • r mac  (6 days ago))

    Ancestry DNA says they're related cousins

  • Gacha Izabel  (Mar 9, 2019))


  • Xelexhia's Ultimatum  (Feb 16, 2019))

    This is the best lesbian porn ive ever watched and this isnt even porn to begin with.

  • Cristy Castillo  (8 hours ago))


  • r mac  (Apr 11, 2019))

    Guess you haven't discovered Pornhub

  • joeybistoocool  (Feb 18, 2019))

    They both had a clear appreciation for each other, and although they are completely different artists, they were able to pull something great out of each other. This was so good.

  • Josué Díaz  (Mar 21, 2019))

    They even pulled something out of me too.

  • rayva1  (Feb 26, 2019))

    joeybistoocool they could even do whatever they together behind the scenes. No one’s gonna care.

  • Scarlett Rose  (Mar 17, 2019))

    Dua: I’m straightSt. Vincent: *exists*Dua: nvm

  • Edward Chen  (Mar 25, 2019))

    She got new rules for her dude

  • D. Henríquez  (Feb 11, 2019))

    01:39 lol the cameraman couldn't handle those levels of sexiness

  • utkubozbalak  (Mar 27, 2019))

    Agree omg

  • Pixtor dg  (Mar 26, 2019))

    Jajaja Tenes Razon @D. Henriquez

  • gxminibat  (Feb 19, 2019))

    i watched this video with my family and let’s just say i think they’ve got the picture that i’m not straight

  • r mac  (Apr 11, 2019))

    Its debauchery and they know it!

  • gxminibat  (Mar 3, 2019))

    ohthelovelypoems i love this club oof

  • Michelle Foucault  (Feb 16, 2019))

    This seemed so intimate and it wouldn't have worked if they didn't have good chemistry.

  • Mizmel  (Apr 2, 2019))

    Peri Patetic who said they would be together again. Doesn’t matter to me. They had good chemistry for this song though. 😁

  • Peri Patetic  (Apr 2, 2019))

    +Mizmel Yes I was...watched the entire song. Please let me know the next time they are together

  • *I need a studio version of this:( so bad*

  • Elvis Šehić  (Feb 22, 2019))

    Okay but how is St. Vincent 36 years old? She can't age...

  • Desiree Elise  (5 hours ago))

    she looks at least 36...