The U.E.S. - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 26, 2019


  • Murad Diab
    Murad Diab  6 months ago +2592

    “I live here because I REMEMBER where I came from!” 🔥🔥🔥

  • OuchMySpleen
    OuchMySpleen  6 months ago +1669

    'I got a warm cat!' - Kate McKinnon

  • Michelle Varas
    Michelle Varas  6 months ago +1750

    James is so good at accents

  • mdudegamer
    mdudegamer  6 months ago +471

    A Scotsman rapping in a German accent. Not something I ever thought I'd hear.
    Also, Kate is literally me.

  • Hephzie Berry
    Hephzie Berry  6 months ago +1578

    Love how everyone around Leslie is just vibing with her, Kate and her cat are perfect lmaooo.

  • Victor Rhams
    Victor Rhams  6 months ago +1546

    The dopest sketch Leslie Jones has ever done so far!

  • Claudia Bruce
    Claudia Bruce  6 months ago +1071

    the way James McAvoy said soul cycle

  • Arceus Lord of Creation
    Arceus Lord of Creation  6 months ago +123

    “I got Netflix and I gotta warm cat”
    Kate gets it

  • Ezra Bonitto
    Ezra Bonitto  6 months ago +649

    Omg the german baker had me dying 😂😂

  • Total Control 871
    Total Control 871  6 months ago +742

    McAvoy is definitely one to watch.

  • treedevil
    treedevil  6 months ago +127

    "I live here because I REMEMBER where I came from" -- new slogan for the upwardly mobile.

  • ice in my hair cause i'm cold b

    Your train got stairs, bishh we got escalators !!!! Damn it Leslie

  • fiona
    fiona  6 months ago +265

    stay home with my cat

  • Kat
    Kat  6 months ago +129

    James McAvoy is a natural on SNL! This is my favorite Leslie sketch so far and they all did a really good job on this!

  • hospitalcakewalk
    hospitalcakewalk  6 months ago +273

    Is there any accent the man can't do!!! Adorable.
    Also Leslie was adorable... But why tf was my cat in this...

  • CrystalCritter
    CrystalCritter  6 months ago +424

    James McAvoy in leiderhosen on a soulcycle. Yep.

  • pugnturtle
    pugnturtle  6 months ago +523

    Actual footage of Kate McKinnon at home...I feel like she should have used her Nino though! 😂
    And Leslie killed it! #Slay

  • Sarah
    Sarah  6 months ago +58

    Lol "I live here because I remember where I came from!" So true. Everytime you move out of the ghetto and to better places people are always so salty. It's like they want to see you stay in your misery.

  • Claudia Bruce
    Claudia Bruce  6 months ago +250

    okay but that cat was beautiful

  • Nils Smith
    Nils Smith  6 months ago +220

    😂😂😂 I was walking by Orwashers on the Friday this was being recorded... was fun to see what was being created! Too much truth in this! 😀