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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 22, 2019
  • Tibetan Meditation Music, Healing Music, Relaxation Music, Stress Relief Music, Chakra, Relax ☯3554 - Yellow Brick Cinema’s Tibetan music and Shamanic meditation music provides soothing music for meditation. The Shamanic music uses a continuous sound and nature sounds which you can use as new age healing music or as yoga music. The Tibetan flute music, which incorporates Tibetan bowls sounds is powerful Himalayan music. This calming music, with its recognisable singing bowl sound, can also be used for chakra balancing, guided meditation or simply as relaxation music. Both Shamanic and Tibetan bowls music offer powerful meditation music to those wanting to broaden their meditation experience.Thanks for tuning in to our Tibetan and Shamanic meditation music! Introduce yourself to the Yellow Brick Cinema community in the chat box and let us know where in the world you’re listening from. Enjoy! Love, Margie. Be sure to visit and subscribe to Yellow Brick Cinema to enjoy our full selection of relaxing music. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/yellowbrickcinema. To listen to Yellow Brick Cinema’s music offline, buy our music on iTunes: https://apple.co/2CJBRsLYellow Brick Cinema’s meditation music videos provide calming music to promote inner peace. Use our music for meditation as background music to bring soothing relaxation to your body-mind. This peaceful music is ideal relaxing music for autogenic practice and music for stress relief. Our instrumental music is deep healing music releasing positive energy and clearing subconscious negativity and therefore is ideal yoga music. When you need music for insomnia, our relaxing sleep music with its ambient, soothing sounds, will help you fall asleep. This soft, sleep meditation music with its embedded delta waves, is essential deep sleep music. So, you can choose to use our beautiful music as meditation music, relaxation music, music for sleep, healing music or yoga music.Yellow Brick Cinema’s music for meditation will support your meditation practice, providing you with unobtrusive instrumental music to help you focus as you develop your meditative mind. Our meditation music can support your personal practice whether it be om mantra meditation, chakra balancing, shamanic healing energy rituals or developing mindfulness. Our peaceful music provides background music for you to relax to while you remove negative energy from various parts of your body and inhale positive energy. Should you decide to use sleep meditation music as part of your sleep meditation practice, this calming music will gently soothe your body-mind. This meditation and healing time prior to sleep can profoundly alter your state of inner peace. Experience our sleeping music and notice how you feel more grounded, centred and full of positive energy. Yellow Brick Cinema’s relaxation music is peaceful music that can be used for soothing relaxation or as study music. Because our calming music uses soft instrumental music and beautiful piano music, it is deeply relaxing music. As such it is ideal music for stress relief, with the ambient music soothing your tiredness and tension as you unwind. Use this relaxation music as background music when you study, and you will find that you can concentrate more easily. Its relaxing sounds make it perfect sleep music, lulling you away from insomnia and into dreamland. If you want sleeping music for your baby, then our instrumental new age music will tenderly help calm and relax your little one.Yellow Brick Cinema’s healing music can be used to support many healing practices. Our deep healing music uses solfeggio frequencies to bring about inner balance and positive energy. Use this relaxing music as background music to remove negative energy and let the healing music bring soothing stress relief. Our healing meditation music, with its 528hz miracle tone, can support you on your journey to inner peace and aid your meditation practice. Soothing music that doesn’t distract can assist you on our journey to developing a meditative mind. Meditation and healing are supported when we rest and relax mind, body and soul. Use our relaxation music to help you unwind and enter a sleep meditation state. Then let our sleep music, which is healing music for body and soul, revitalise you.Yellow Brick Cinema’s yoga music for meditation can be combined with your yoga practice to facilitate healing, relaxation and focus. Meditation music as background music during a yoga workout, helps practitioners to find stillness and flow in their movements. This calming instrumental music is positive energy music, making poses feel effortless. To listen to our other relaxing music, check out the playlists on our homepage: http://bit.ly/yellowbrickcinema.#tibetanmusic#yogamusic#healingmusic#relaxingmusic#meditationmusic


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  • Weejin Lim
    Weejin Lim  3 months ago +13

    This music really transient every lister to a new place where one can be in the state of inner peace, harmony tranquillity and pure love. May the above feelings shower planet earth and beyond. May all be happy and well, May all be free from physical & mental suffering, May all be free from emnity......withLove Weejin

  • Anurag Singh
    Anurag Singh  2 months ago +5

    😊😊Thanku for such a wonderful work. Whoever reading this comment I just want to say you, you are beautiful, powerful, Amazing gods best creation❤️.

  • Shana L
    Shana L  3 months ago +3

    This really helped me this morning. My job brings so much stress and anxiety, this really help clear my mind before starting my day. Helped me think of positive things and allowed a beautiful calmness and prayer to come over me.

  • Simple Fun - Kids TV
    Simple Fun - Kids TV  3 months ago +4

    Your music really heals! 😊👍

  • M O
    M O  3 months ago +5

    THANK YOU!! I set a timer and had a beautiful meditation experience. I feel so much love and peace flowing through me now. Blessings ♥️

  • Anna Guidry
    Anna Guidry  2 months ago +1

    I love going to sleep with rain and calming sounds

  • Kristine Veale
    Kristine Veale  3 months ago +5

    This music is so calming and centering! I want more of this It's like connecting with a higher Power.,....Basic Goodness!
    I am wondering if this kind of music can be played in an animal shelter or other situation where animals are experience pain of one kind or another.

  • dr. Leadri Surya
    dr. Leadri Surya  3 months ago +4

    So relaxing music.. remove negativity in mind.. and pray for the good things for my life... i heard this When i had to sleep... insomnia ...

  • Kristine Veale
    Kristine Veale  3 months ago +3

    This music certainly could be used during my daily meditation session.
    ( I wish to try it after watching/listening to the daily news, as well. ) My gratitude goes out to you for creating this lovely tape Thank you, Danke, Namaste!

  • System Of Disorder
    System Of Disorder  3 months ago +2

    Buddha Bless!

  • FiFi Cole
    FiFi Cole  3 months ago +1

    Wonderful way to wake up in the morning, thank you 💕✌️

  • BonnieRea CA
    BonnieRea CA  3 months ago +2

    For meditation use initially, then I keep it playing while I read, write and/or study. I love YellowBrick Cinema creations. Thank you for this healing...music.

  • Heather Koenig
    Heather Koenig  3 months ago +1

    I love all Yellow Brick Cinema's videos it even helps my dog

  • Dharani Rajan
    Dharani Rajan  2 months ago

    Wow it's amazing....feel better peacefully

  • boby jayaswal
    boby jayaswal  2 months ago +2

    Listening from india while studying.. it heals

  • Madhvi Sharma
    Madhvi Sharma  3 months ago +2

    Buddhism originated from Hindu Dharma, proud to be a Hindu and thanks for this beautiful video . Want to know more about Buddhism

  • Shayar Nagma
    Shayar Nagma  3 months ago +3

    Please Ap Sab Jo B Comment Dekho Ek Bar Jakr Meri Video Zarur Dekhna Bhale Hi like mat Karna Subscribe mat karna Lekin ek nazar zarur karna
    Shukriya ✍️💔

  • The Red Dimond
    The Red Dimond  2 months ago +1

    I will always have this song as a memory of my chicken who died yesterday I can't take it anymore

  • Zsəlyke játékok
    Zsəlyke játékok  3 months ago +7

    This is very nice