Unsticking My Zero Turn with a Cool Trick

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 5, 2018
  • In this episode, we use a cool trick to get the zero turn out of the mud. I hope you like it.


  • Mike Morrison
    Mike Morrison  10 hours ago

    Take that unit strut and pick the back of the mower up and out, that’s what I do. It’s easier

  • gbob1976
    gbob1976  16 hours ago +1

    Do you own a truck?

    • chud327
      chud327  15 hours ago

      Yes, but it is just a 2 wheel drive... Thanks for watching.

  • Scooter Fowler
    Scooter Fowler  23 hours ago

    And 3 days later the hydro system detonated...

    • chud327
      chud327  22 hours ago

      Don't know where you get you updates, but the zero turn is still kicking and thanks for watching.

  • bryan farmer
    bryan farmer  yesterday

    Mowing the everglades

  • flycubfly
    flycubfly  2 days ago +1

    I feel your pain , been there a couple times myself . That’s a good idea. Thanks for sharing .

    • chud327
      chud327  2 days ago

      Thanks so much and it even worked on my full size tractor. Thanks for watching.

  • Wouter d.B.
    Wouter d.B.  2 days ago +1

    What a glorious mess haha.

    • chud327
      chud327  2 days ago

      Yes, it was fun and it worked. thanks for watching.

  • tractor man TP
    tractor man TP  4 days ago +1

    That may work , just be careful u don't break your output shaft or hydro, in general , that's a lot of stress on it , just a little friendly advice I worked on hydros for 20 years be careful , cool trick though!

    • chud327
      chud327  4 days ago

      Yes, I will try to not do it too often. Thanks for watching.

  • jim machen
    jim machen  5 days ago

    its not your fualt your stupid

    • chud327
      chud327  5 days ago

      I love when people call me stupid with misspellings... that is probably your spelling teacher's "fualt"... I won't mention no capital at the beginning, no punctation, and you used the possessive "its" instead of "it's" which means it is. I bet you were super nice to you teachers in school when they were trying to teach you. I imagine you called them stupid too. Thanks for watching.

  • Cookie Of Gods
    Cookie Of Gods  7 days ago +1

    Once I got a golf cart stuck to the axle

    • chud327
      chud327  7 days ago

      That sounds like fun. Thanks for watching.

  • Elmo Husky
    Elmo Husky  10 days ago

    How many years u been cutting there, u should not to cut there dummy

    • chud327
      chud327  10 days ago

      You might be the dummy, I wasn't cutting there. Thanks for watching.

  • ingebrecht
    ingebrecht  11 days ago +1

    GMO grass that knows when to quit growing would be the final solution.

    • chud327
      chud327  11 days ago

      That would be nice! Thanks for watching.

  • Danny Estes
    Danny Estes  13 days ago +1

    2*6 under each wheel front and back

    • chud327
      chud327  13 days ago

      That would help a bunch. I had a kid sitting on front, that is probably how it got stuck in the first place. Thanks for watching.

  • steeo80
    steeo80  20 days ago +1

    Did you actually put a metal chopsaw blade into a timber chopsaw and cut metal with no clamp ???

    • chud327
      chud327  19 days ago +1

      Yes, maybe next time I will grab the vice grips... Thanks for the comment and thanks for watching.

  • Cory Robinson
    Cory Robinson  24 days ago +1

    Really you don't have a spare piece of wood you could Jam underneath that tire if you just take a piece of plywood and have the tires on something solid rather than that soup you'll get out real quick you need more surface area building pieces of metal to your tire is not going to do anything you're just going to make a mess that's not practical practical that's way too much work just grab two pieces of wooden Jam I'm under there in the right up over the piece of wood problem solved this guy must be an engineer because that was way over complicated

    • chud327
      chud327  24 days ago

      i was just having a little fun, work great on my full size tractor when wood would not do the trick. Sorry I over complicated it for you and thanks for watching.

  • Muerte The one
    Muerte The one  26 days ago +1

    well atleast you can say your florida born and breed

    • chud327
      chud327  26 days ago

      That is so true and thanks for watching.

  • Donnie McDougal
    Donnie McDougal  26 days ago

    I just use my 4 wheeler to get mine unstuck lol

    • Donnie McDougal
      Donnie McDougal  26 days ago


    • chud327
      chud327  26 days ago

      I traded my 4 wheeler for a Camaro, camaros are no typically know for pulling stuff out of the mud. Thanks for watching.

  • John Markiv
    John Markiv  26 days ago

    Sorry but this is a dumb long video. When I get stuck, i get my tow strap and either my truck or ATV to pull out zero turn.

    • chud327
      chud327  26 days ago

      That is a very original solution, why didn't I think of that. I might be a little 3rd world over here compared to you. I don't have an ATV any more, my truck is just a 2 wheel drive, and my tractor is only 1/2 running right now. I hope you never have a desperate situation with nothing around to pull your self out. Thanks for watching and sorry for the dumb long reply.

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith  27 days ago +1

    I've seen it with logs and chain good deal

    • chud327
      chud327  27 days ago

      i have a link at the end where I use logs on my Massey, it was way cooler. Thanks for watching.

  • ditndunk
    ditndunk  27 days ago +1

    Great job. I liked it.

    • chud327
      chud327  27 days ago

      Thanks so much, I love stuff like this. Thanks for watching.

  • Kirk Hilts
    Kirk Hilts  29 days ago +3

    Chud, I thought you were going to mount a pulley, on the rim with the 2 studs. Hook a cable around, somehow to a tree.... A spinning wheel is kinda like a winch, isn't it?!

    • Fred Garvin
      Fred Garvin  22 days ago

      i am thinking as much playing in the mud you could have ran the rope around the tire as a winch

    • Fred Garvin
      Fred Garvin  22 days ago

      that was where i thought this was headed... use the studs to wrap up some rope and winch it out...

    • chud327
      chud327  28 days ago

      I really want to do that next time, but I am have trouble finding a wheel that will work great. I have an idea and may try it soon. Thanks for the comment and for watching.