Unsticking My Zero Turn with a Cool Trick

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 5, 2018
  • In this episode, we use a cool trick to get the zero turn out of the mud. I hope you like it.


  • Aaron Bishop
    Aaron Bishop  6 days ago +1

    Chud's in shorts and foot flops too lol that's Florida to the bone. Gainesville Chud, "How bout them Gators"

  • Aaron Bishop
    Aaron Bishop  6 days ago

    Dude don't be an asshole PM Tips, yeah you obviously have no clue what Florida is like. I was doing a job the other day and almost ended up like that and it looked barely wet from the mower view. I had to pull it out from the front with my freaking lower back in 90 degree heat so I am impressed and need all the knowledge I can get. Thanks Chud

  • Moark Willy
    Moark Willy  7 days ago

    Re-naming the video as "How to f*ck up a zero-turn" would make more sense.

  • maxwell murphy
    maxwell murphy  1 months ago +2

    Nice trick

  • SattleYour SeaHorse
    SattleYour SeaHorse  1 months ago

    Imagine getting stuck at a customers house, asking the homeowner to use the garage, and proceed to do all these steps.

  • Tom Morrissey
    Tom Morrissey  1 months ago +1

    I dont mow the mudholes

  • Joe Deglman
    Joe Deglman  1 months ago

    Might have been more productive to disassemble the whole mower and reassemble it in your garage?
    No signs of anyone mowing anything near the mower, must have drove it out there on purpose just to film the video?

  • Michael Wightman
    Michael Wightman  1 months ago +2

    Throw chains under the rear tires is much easier and common 🤫

  • Tim Thompson
    Tim Thompson  2 months ago +1

    Would have been much simpler just to pull it out with rope.

  • S Praterai
    S Praterai  2 months ago

    Jus call Gus’s garage for a tow and call it the day

  • Jesse Russell
    Jesse Russell  2 months ago +1

    Omg he said he has a tractor, why not use that

  • Luis Velazquez
    Luis Velazquez  2 months ago

    Wow some chains or straps would've been so much faster lol... one pull ur out

  • Kennith Morella
    Kennith Morella  2 months ago +1

    Get er done and you did just that. American enginuity prevails once again by never giving up. Congrats 🎉 brother.

  • Angela Prater
    Angela Prater  2 months ago

    John here stay out swamp and buy a wench from Harbo Frieght have anchor post for trailers.

  • snapperproman21370
    snapperproman21370  2 months ago +1

    dont those tires mess up your lawn?


    Do you not own a socket set to put on & take off those nuts????????????

  • Ian Strawbridge
    Ian Strawbridge  2 months ago

    hmm, expensive transmission repairs coming up - IMHO just snig the thing out the other way...

  • john creech
    john creech  2 months ago +2

    my wife would call the neighbors over and set up the grill

  • john creech
    john creech  2 months ago +2

    did you wake you wake up with this on your mind or did you have a dream

  • Gerald Clay
    Gerald Clay  2 months ago

    It would have been much easier to just pull it out with a 4wd truck which I have done a couple of times.