Buying A WRECKED 2015 F-150!

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 11, 2018
  • On a mission on buying a salvage 2015 Ford F-150. My cousin wanted to upgrade his, so that’s what we did! Subscribe for more content! Follow my insta: @maxtchekvids


  • Joseph Lorini
    Joseph Lorini  8 months ago +23

    U need different tires 🤨

  • Basslife
    Basslife  8 months ago +32

    Idk if it’s just me but that truck isn’t worth fixing.

  • Alex Tran
    Alex Tran  8 months ago +4

    Your 7.3 looks like it skipped leg day lol

    BLISSFUL FAPPER  8 months ago +8

    Ouch that roof damage. sucks that it has that.

  • Nurazianie Abdullah
    Nurazianie Abdullah  8 months ago +3

    Black smoke.. The ice is dangerous stuff. May all be safe🌿

  • Caleb Rozeboom
    Caleb Rozeboom  8 months ago +2

    At first I thought this was a goonzquad vid😂

  • 8track Abraham
    8track Abraham  5 months ago +1

    It's very obvious Your unexperienced Towing 😂

  • colin logan
    colin logan  7 months ago

    Hope u got a good deal! That roof damage wont be cheap to fix

  • Always be Smart
    Always be Smart  6 months ago

    DAmn thats some serious front end damage man..

  • george webster
    george webster  4 months ago

    That Powerstroke sounds awesome.

  • Kyle Govert
    Kyle Govert  8 months ago

    Keep us updated on the f-150 repairs, I have one and this interests me

  • Donald Tate
    Donald Tate  8 months ago

    Audience too much damage for me...Yikes lol

  • Tony Does it
    Tony Does it  8 months ago

    Hey bro great video and sweet truck

  • Allen Rodgers
    Allen Rodgers  8 months ago +1

    Bro why did you get such a little tire for your truck?

  • Mike Allmon
    Mike Allmon  8 months ago

    awesome vid! you are brave driving without a seatbelt!

  • Hammerdown Motorsports
    Hammerdown Motorsports  8 months ago +2

    In Canada we used pan heaters battery heaters and block heaters to get those old fords smoking in the winter

  • ALL 4 FUN
    ALL 4 FUN  8 months ago

    My kind of truck Max!!

  • jon lipton
    jon lipton  8 months ago +1

    Block heaters always help cold starts. Helps save the starter.

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson  8 months ago +1

    I thinks its impossible for a man to tighten something down and sat “yeah that’s no goin no where”😂

  • Danny Fahnestock
    Danny Fahnestock  7 months ago

    Yooo!! I live in pa as well did you need a dealer license or did you buy through broker on copart?