wii party master difficulty vs matt

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 24, 2019
  • wii party master difficulty vs matt
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  • Poofesure
    Poofesure  2 months ago +9826

    like this video or you will roll a 3

  • Fitz
    Fitz  27 minutes ago

    10:04 matt pressed the tvs once and got it

  • Dark Eyes Music
    Dark Eyes Music  an hour ago

    Bro I love your vids you got me fuckin dying

  • Producer 2
    Producer 2  4 hours ago

    Techniclly your good, but compared to the AI you suck. Its unfair

  • Ergile
    Ergile  10 hours ago

    Poofesure: gets pushed back 6 spaces

    also Poofesure: becomes a literal gremlin

  • Jepsteryan
    Jepsteryan  12 hours ago

    19:40 they skip 3rd place and just put poof in fourth lol

  • Matt
    Matt  12 hours ago

    I am inevitable.

  • Thicc Boop
    Thicc Boop  13 hours ago

    10:30 notice how the TVs on matts side auto changed to 1, and didnt cycle through them? Thats how you know this shit is ACTUALLY rigged

  • lemurmad
    lemurmad  15 hours ago

    Please note, your losing against 0's and 1's. Have fun!

  • Hasdrubal Gisco
    Hasdrubal Gisco  19 hours ago +1

    why do only the black characters win every time

  • Tahlia Wonder
    Tahlia Wonder  yesterday

    maybe you should try getting last at all the mini games :)

  • ashlee tyler
    ashlee tyler  yesterday

    10:40 ur laugh is like a tea kettle whistling😂

  • Tontokid1
    Tontokid1  yesterday

    I am concerned about your mental health

  • TrippieHippie
    TrippieHippie  yesterday

    Sounds like mumkey jones

  • Blank AP
    Blank AP  yesterday

    My head fucking hurts from laughing so much

    i literally lose oxygen watching poofesure

  • T048
    T048  yesterday

    19:30 19:35 IM SCREAMING

  • geit geitens
    geit geitens  yesterday

    You suck bro

  • I Pixilated I
    I Pixilated I  yesterday

    Master Difficulty: The other cpus are just Matt.

  • pgup
    pgup  2 days ago


  • Mya Schirk
    Mya Schirk  2 days ago

    This is my new favorite channel