Binging with Babish: Hors D'oeuvres Sandwich from Back to School

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 5, 2017
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    Rodney Dangerfield made a career on thumbing his nose at social mores, making sexual advances toward older women, and eating a giant sandwich made out of hors d'oeuvres. Today we're honoring him, sandwiches, and the throngs of students returning to school with this towering example of 80s excess and flavorblindness. Recipe available in my book, coming out October 3rd!

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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish  2 years ago +5744

    Gonna keep plugging support for Hurricane Harvey victims - please donate at the link in the video description!

  • OrricktheAlien
    OrricktheAlien  yesterday

    But awesomeness ensued...

  • OrricktheAlien
    OrricktheAlien  yesterday

    No respect for that sandwich! 😉

  • Keith Patrick
    Keith Patrick  2 days ago

    I tried making this sandwich years ago as well, and I had difficulty figuring out ingredient #3. At first, I thought was chicken wings, but that wouldn't make much sense, so I went with crab cakes.

  • SuperMikester77
    SuperMikester77  3 days ago

    hwire hwhisk

  • d e a t h d r e a m
    d e a t h d r e a m  4 days ago +1

    You unearthed a 35 year old long forgotten memory of wanting to try this

  • solaire of astora
    solaire of astora  4 days ago

    Jesus that things huge I want it

  • Charlie Harper-Adams

    3:56 Screams in Nepal

  • Apple Song
    Apple Song  5 days ago

    My revinue should go to the Bahamas

  • Obedient Wife Material

    There's something missing.
    The later episodes have a little something extra to his episodes. His mannerisms are different, not as funny or connecting with the audience

  • Getfall in
    Getfall in  5 days ago +1


  • Catherine DuCette
    Catherine DuCette  7 days ago +4

    I wish I was your roommates so I could eat all the stuff you cook!

  • Egg Trolls
    Egg Trolls  7 days ago

    The foods of Harry Potter

  • Χαρά Δρετουλάκη

    Omg you're Greek

  • Untrepid One
    Untrepid One  7 days ago

    I have a few hors overs after school too

  • Shaquille Europe
    Shaquille Europe  7 days ago

    WE MADE THOSE SPINACH TRIANGLES IN SCHOOL(Just with dried oregano and ricotta and feta and egg, so ok the only thing in common is the shell and shape and overall crunch but still)

  • TwEeK0
    TwEeK0  7 days ago +2

    If u make meatballs U MAKE SWEDISH ONES

  • Mojo 449
    Mojo 449  7 days ago

    Damn your voice ! With 2 sub et 6 speaker, its amazing !

  • Jared Ma
    Jared Ma  7 days ago


  • Isaac Worley
    Isaac Worley  7 days ago

    Happy anniversary