Surprise Brother and Sister Room Makeovers! | Mr. Kate Decorates

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 15, 2018
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  • Kira Albarece
    Kira Albarece  4 months ago +2164

    Who’s watching these in 2019?😂

  • Marlie Daniels
    Marlie Daniels  8 months ago +971

    When you tubers go to the thrift store they find 3 cute furniture pieces for like 12 dollars and I go and I find a granny hat and a little tykes play bike for 87.99

  • Bitch Yummy
    Bitch Yummy  1 months ago +342

    Boy: that desk used to be my bed
    Me: so you...uhm used to sleep on the desk?
    Boy: my dad repurposed it.
    Me: Oh.

  • Darkcat
    Darkcat  7 months ago +996

    is it just me but jack was more excited...

  • Mi Loves you
    Mi Loves you  a years ago +1621

    when you're older than them and still have a twin sized bed

  • Weirdosrule YASS
    Weirdosrule YASS  2 months ago +267

    No one:
    Jack: big boy bed

  • Sparking Sunshine
    Sparking Sunshine  2 months ago +266

    Jack walks over to the desk, straightens something, and walks away

  • Olivia Lee
    Olivia Lee  9 months ago +289

    Also anyone else realize that Kate's hair and outfit matched Milla's room?

  • CHUM Bucket
    CHUM Bucket  4 months ago +394

    I didnt know urban outfitters is a style...🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ no hate
    edit: Thanks For All The Likes😊😅

  • Swordbird
    Swordbird  a years ago +1706

    i love how you took her requests seriously and designed her room as if she were an adult but still kept a kid touch. it looks great!
    i recently watched a video where “professionals” redesigned a girl’s room and they completely ignored her and it looked like it was for a toddler lol

  • Dontworryur waffles
    Dontworryur waffles  4 months ago +129

    I was fine with my anime socks and twin sized bed at 11 thank you very much

  • Ann Centers
    Ann Centers  7 months ago +550

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I liked my own comment
    Hopefully you can too!

  • elevenxtwelve
    elevenxtwelve  4 months ago +106

    How do they do this? It took me 5 hours to cut a box!

  • yallitsfay
    yallitsfay  8 months ago +330

    It’s official, an eleven year old has a better then I’ve ever had.

  • Sunny Summer
    Sunny Summer  8 months ago +71

    Oh, no, that poor bettas. They need a Heater, some Plants and definitely more space. Aquariums are such a nice hobby but living things should never be considered decoration! Apart from that the room look really nice.

  • Tina Kyriakou
    Tina Kyriakou  3 months ago +93

    Thank you for being so sensitive and supportive to a family that has been through tough times, you did a great job on both spaces, it was great that you included both kids 😃

  • Asahi
    Asahi  2 months ago +61

    I think it was so sweet that since they were doing Mila’s room they did jack’s too they are very kind and giving I would do anything for them to decorate my room

  • Drawingwithalex 1
    Drawingwithalex 1  2 months ago +16

    My favorite part about jacks new room is the mini canvas

  • AndThatsThe TEA
    AndThatsThe TEA  2 months ago +27

    wow I feel bad for those fish :(

  • Pasta Wolf
    Pasta Wolf  4 months ago +37

    So how does this work? How are you able to do this for so many people?
    You guys really are amazing on what you do, it’s creative and fun.