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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 12, 2019
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  • MrBrandalfTheWhite
    MrBrandalfTheWhite  3 months ago +2290

    Michael gave Youtube the only good Youtube Red show, and they STILL demonetize him...

  • danteelite
    danteelite  3 months ago +1709

    D!ng !
    This episode were talking about the "Mandela Effect".

  • Your Waifu Sucks
    Your Waifu Sucks  2 months ago +850

    Michael: This channel has always been D!NG .

    Also Michael: Did the past really happen?

  • MajWay
    MajWay  3 months ago +1723

    Ah yes, D!NG.
    Things I can

  • Zer0
    Zer0  3 months ago +835

    There are 2 very important things happening at the same time:
    1. Michael is slowly drifting into insanity
    2. How to basic is making “normal” videos
    Coincidence? I THINK NOT

  • Prajo Vijan
    Prajo Vijan  3 months ago +4366

    Michael is slowly turning insane and the people around him are thinking that he is joking

  • Medical Mishap
    Medical Mishap  3 months ago +769

    You were actually demonitized for using comic sans

  • Lucas Trickett
    Lucas Trickett  2 months ago +511

    4:49 - "because I'm lazy.... and impatient" - coming from a guy who spoke prime numbers from 3 hours XD

  • Young Archaeotech
    Young Archaeotech  3 months ago +1310

    Me: Hey I wanna watch a vsauce video-
    D!NG: wazzzaaap?
    Me: god has abandoned us.

  • InTheFilth
    InTheFilth  3 months ago +155

    Sep 2015 - May 2019
    Rest in spaghetti

  • SlavjanA
    SlavjanA  3 months ago +12849

    Inline with what's advertiser friendly

  • Bishop Munoz
    Bishop Munoz  2 months ago +175

    The channel name is d!ng and it has always been d!ng, we are at war with east asia, and we've always been at war with east asia.
    After all, war is peace.

  • Lightning Torch
    Lightning Torch  2 months ago +98

    The meme is becoming self aware...
    We need to contain it.

  • Perry
    Perry  2 months ago +94

    Damn, homeboy never really came back after those 3 days in isolation. R. I. P.

  • Christopher Daniel
    Christopher Daniel  3 months ago +245

    5:00 Michael's "I don't even know the name of" sounds like R2:D2

  • NotLuigi
    NotLuigi  3 months ago +1465

    YouTube demonotizes friendly educational channel because of a word 5 year old's say
    Nice one

  • garmfielb cat
    garmfielb cat  3 months ago +103

    Next week:
    Welcome to DANY, where we Do Anything Now Yall, and have always been the most inclusive and PC channel

  • Luan Bravo
    Luan Bravo  2 months ago +33

    As that beard grows something else grows within him

  • the vault dweller
    the vault dweller  3 months ago +86

    Top 10 examples of the Mandela effect

  • Tayler Robinson
    Tayler Robinson  3 months ago +93

    With the addition of Michael's toys D!NG almost makes more sense.
    Cuz it's not all online stuff anymore