Bought wrecked Rolls-Royce on Copart repair Part 3 pain in the a$$

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  • Published on:  Sunday, December 3, 2017
  • wrap removal


  • Willubhave One  1 years ago

    That's a nice Chrysler 300... 👍You know I'm

  • ohmanyourecool  1 years ago

    Wrap looked like ass anyways, protected the paint though!

  • Chris Kyran  1 years ago

    Don't last like paint

  • Shneider  1 years ago

    Marek Misztal it was sitting for 4 years after it was given away

  • ATM KM  1 years ago

    You're definitely winning w/ this one...That's a timeless design from the RR brand. Really wrapping it wasn't such a bad idea; Of course it wasn't a good look BUT it protected the condition of the paint.

  • New ProTip: Wrap your new car to preserve the paint job, one day when the wrap gets old and you have to replace it, you'll get to tear it off and reveal an incredibly preserved pristine factory paint job :) if he woulda posted this video on steem he could have made even more money off his Rolls royce deal here :D I wonder how much he got to make off the video as well as the repair and resale :)

  • LandMaster  1 years ago

    What did you end up paying for it?

  • ICU Motors  1 years ago

    That saved the paint still like new and motor sounds like it needs a tune up

  • Jeff Pitts  1 years ago

    it's Runnin...but da emblem didn't pop up

  • krishna vikram  1 years ago

    Love your videos brother!!

  • LB- Innovations  1 years ago

    Thank you. I appreciate that.

  • Well at least it saved the paint quite well

  • Tony Does it  6 months ago

    Keep up the great work, and if u can show my channel some love i would appreciate it. I just subbed to yours :)

  • LB- Innovations  6 months ago

    Tony Does it Thank you! Will do.

  • Albert Wesker  1 years ago

    That engine sounds rough

  • Steven Johnson  1 years ago

    You probably have one of the longest Intro's i've seen yet