Rebuilding a wrecked mercedes cls550 part 1

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 17, 2018
  • in todays video we unload the new wrecked mercedes we bought and get straight to work on rebuilding itGet ur Vtuned hoodie for watching like and subscribe.😁 SUBSCRIBE for more videos! 🡆I'm trying to reach 1000 subscribers!Hit that like button below!! 🡆Follow Me On INSTAGRAM for updates: I use:●Editing software:Adobe Premier CC 2018 ●Main Camera 🎥: iPhone 8 Plus


  • TheHoolabalooga
    TheHoolabalooga  11 months ago +100

    goonzquad got me here.,

  • Welux
    Welux  11 months ago +35

    Awesome work with Hellcat!!!

  • Hay Mamacita
    Hay Mamacita  11 months ago +27

    Im guessing his father owns the body shop and trained him from a very early age.

  • Ron Badcope
    Ron Badcope  11 months ago +19

    Saw your work with the goonzguad on the mustang and now the Hell Cat , awesome work ! Can’t wait to see your videos

  • Kyle Trevinor
    Kyle Trevinor  11 months ago +14

    is there a part 2 coming out any time soon?

  • Neil Wood
    Neil Wood  11 months ago +14

    Very cool to see this type of work being done as there aren't many skilled YouTubers doing this. Keep it up and I'm sure you'll have a following.

  • Emils Kurpnieks
    Emils Kurpnieks  11 months ago +14

    You are a legend, love your work.

  • Nobori Auto
    Nobori Auto  9 months ago +20

    You should post more of your day to day work. Being friends with the Goon bros will get you the views, but your content will keep people here. Idk your age but you have a very profitable career ahead of you if you decide to keep doing this line of work. Pretty much trying to say your attention to detail is great and customers will notice that if they don't already.

  • JACK D
    JACK D  1 months ago +2

    Drive it like that. If you read these comments can you try to fix the sound I can't realy hear you so I have to turn up volume and then the music starts and its blasting and I have to keep turning volume up and down mabe some how you can fix this.

  • mikael bouma
    mikael bouma  9 months ago

    Love this car, don't hear much about it though anyway, excellent work man !!

  • Oh Dont Do It o-O
    Oh Dont Do It o-O  11 months ago +5

    The brains behind all framework with the goonzquad rebuilds! We need more parts of this build

  • Eric Hernandez
    Eric Hernandez  9 months ago

    Keep going man you have skills allot talent I like to see your hard work

  • pacTebra
    pacTebra  11 months ago

    good work man! i like the skill you got.
    Post more videos!

  • Tony
    Tony  11 months ago +5

    Came from goonzquad. You're very knowledgeable and do excellent work! Look forward to seeing your videos.

  • StHedwig1
    StHedwig1  9 months ago

    Would of liked to see some technical aspects on fixing the wrinkled rail.

  • Gee Will
    Gee Will  3 months ago

    What happen with this build? I do not see anymore videos on it 🤔 i just subscribed because of this car

  • Gee Will
    Gee Will  3 months ago +1

    Should have got an AMG parts car. You just put a base model front end on an AMG car. Average Joe wouldn’t notice but me being a Mercedes owner and fan for years can spot that easily. Other than that good work.

  • bluecollartrader
    bluecollartrader  1 months ago

    Hey V, where's part 2? LOL

  • dcbimmer
    dcbimmer  11 months ago +4

    Goonzquad got me here and I'm glad to be here you are very skilled my friend

  • andrew smith
    andrew smith  11 months ago

    Hi you do nice work need to be longer videos though great content like to see more of the car does