side streets. [lofi / jazz hop / chill beats]

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 29, 2019
  • 🌂 walking in the rain.🎨 Want to download the Audio & Art in this mix? You can! Join us on Patreon for this & more 00:04 lofty - in my head (ft. ayeon)02 01:20 Letskey - Delicate03 03:52 less.people - Vines04 07:50 imfinenow - Bright Night05 10:52 lofty - caught feelings06 12:50 leafbreeze - Loving You07 14:56 Elijah Nang - Icarus08 17:42 s. lyre - another log on the fire09 20:00 Bamf & GentleBeatz - Peaceful Loneliness10 22:00 imfinenow - You And I*11 24:24 clay - at the café12 27:06 biosphere - aria for our dreams13 28:52 BENJAMIN:KEY - Singing In The Rain14 31:00 bace - i can't15 34:52 Jordy Chandra - Coffee Evening16 37:10 Rysid - Rainy SundayTracks marked with an '*' are official releases fromThe Jazz Hop Café Records (☕ Follow The Jazz Hop Café on:• YouTube -• Soundcloud -• Spotify -• Bandcamp -• Facebook -• Twitter -🎧 Join us on Spotify for endless ► The Artists• lofty - &• ayeon - &• Letskey - &• less.people -• imfinenow -• leafbreeze -• Elijah Nang -• s. lyre -• Bamf -• GentleBeatz -• clay - &• biosphere -• BENJAMIN:KEY -• bace -• Jordy Chandra -• Rysid - By ► Matthew Lopz••• #mix


  • The Jazz Hop Café  2 months ago

    🎨 Want to download the *Audio* & *Art* in this mix? You can! Join us on *Patreon* for this & more for the gap between uploads. The good news is, we have lots of content coming your wayMixes, Albums, Singles, Merch & our next Vinyl release!Mobile *Tracklist*01 00:04 lofty - in my head (ft. ayeon)02 01:20 Letskey - Delicate03 03:52 less.people - Vines04 07:50 imfinenow - Bright Night05 10:52 lofty - caught feelings06 12:50 leafbreeze - Lovi...

  • Keep up the awesome work <3

  • Theo _ Vert  2 months ago

    hi guys i have a channel where i mainly do beat lofi it would be nice if you would tell me what you think of the last one i did

  • Urban Tarzan  1 months ago

    I am a Japanese, so I can understand letter of signboards in this video.Very weird.For example, the upper red signboard says "Purchase".In addition, the yellow signboard on the left says " shirt shirt shirt shirt".Very funny😂

  • cayo an  13 days ago

    Urban Tarzan それな笑I think so

  • Foreign abroad  16 days ago


  • Sahar Aquino  yesterday

    I love how these mixes go well during night and day time. I usually keep my head busy and stress myself over issues. Kudos for showing such relaxing music!

  • g rose  2 months ago

    this reminds me so much of when i visited japan and went to shibuya and it rained the whole time

  • Unknown Girl  2 months ago

    Japan is a great place to travel isn't it

  • juan dela cruz  1 months ago

    Too bad.. I only learned of this lofi now that I’m already working. I can only imagine how those college nights would have been if I had this..

  • JugalJabbers  19 days ago

    It's anti depressant just without any side effects. Be less stressed brotha

  • The Abby  19 days ago

    I don’t use it just to study. I use it to calm me down and to drown the world around me. :) it’s beautiful

  • Surayudh Yim  2 months ago

    is it me or side streets make me feel something, its like a hidden world.

  • True, it's much more peaceful than the bustling main streets ♥

  • Truong Tet  yesterday


  • 蜂Lissa  2 months ago

    Apenas amor por essas músicas que acalmam meu coração e dão um ritmo e sensação aos momentos

  • Shengwu Wang  18 days ago

    You guys help me a lot for home work and when I’m sad

  • Dream scapes  2 months ago

    Its a hidden paradise that just few of the actual people know...

  • Maged Kaeen  3 hours ago

    Beautiful things are usually hidden, that's why they're beautiful..

  • Atlas Fox  2 months ago

    **is less stressed about English with this playing in the background**

  • Lorn Warbler  23 days ago

    You're lucky you have English, I'm stuck with history and maths. Subjectively the hardest subjects. Not saying English is any better though.. it takes up a lot of time.