Top 10 Copy Cat Characters

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 22, 2015
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  • Music Matters  3 years ago

    who cares about who copies who all I care about is the better character design and story love both marvel and DC

  • superque4  6 months ago

    Well it's easy to improve on an existing design. Where's the genius in that?

  • same

  • NoobPlayinMC  3 years ago

    You forgot one of the main ones flash and quicksliver lol

  • Middle Finger U  1 months ago

    I don’t know if same powers necessarily means it’s a copycat

  • Bryan Klotz  6 months ago

    The characters may be different but they are direct copycats. It's not even hard to see. It's like Marvel wanted to make it really obvious.

  • Lumi Kare  6 months ago

    My conclusion. Marvel thought DC idea was good but could be way better.

  • Dunric Mordamir  3 years ago

    Marvel, plagiarizing DC comic characters since the 1960s

  • Jeremiah Elijah  1 months ago

    @fensi djuvegija And you missed the post above of DC copycats. Smh.

  • Jeremiah Elijah  1 months ago

    @fensi djuvegija Spidey, Scarlet Witch, Iron Man, Black Panther, She-Hulk, etc. are copy cats of...

  • RyllenKriel  3 years ago

    Supreme actually got his super powers as a child, not from a meteor, but from going to Taco Bell and eating a Taco Supreme that was accidently contaminated with Supremium.

  • Queen Mera  2 years ago

    That is easy Jason Momoa's Aquaman. HE IS KING of the Seven Seas

  • JR Price  7 months ago

    People also have to realize that these writers/artist have probably worked for both companies and probably at the same time,

  • Grant Wiley Esq.  2 years ago

    I've always liked both Marvel and DC, but after watching this, you can call me a DC fanboy.

  • Melody Mermaid  5 months ago

    Dc copies marvel too

  • Carnage DNA  6 months ago

    If this video swayed your opinion, it was irrelevant to begin with

  • lawportGames  3 years ago

    no consistent loudness. that's a shame for a channel with over 100k subs

  • Puneet Meena  4 years ago

    Marvel never copy the batman..... Because he is batman.

  • Alejandro Robles  5 months ago

    I think Batman Iron man and Black Panther are all similar to Batman in a way

  • Mr. Depressed  7 months ago

    @Nolan Witt Bruh Iron Man and Batman arent similar. You can't compare a bicycle with a motorcycle.