Millennial Millions - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 19, 2019


  • G Wooden
    G Wooden  4 months ago +1403

    Me and my eighteen room mates found this hilarious.

  • Allclearly
    Allclearly  4 months ago +1217

    "I'm Gen X. I just sit on the side lines and watch the world burn" brilliant.

  • Ella Jackson
    Ella Jackson  6 months ago +1659

    my orthodontist has guitars on the wall in the waiting room and office I can’t take this accuracy

  • Voya King
    Voya King  6 months ago +1110

    I actually wanted them to “come back from break” ..I was THAT tuned in 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • CaptainKate757
    CaptainKate757  6 months ago +1132

    That baby boomers sound effect makes me laugh so hard.

  • justin pigg
    justin pigg  6 months ago +516

    Who ever wrote this needs a raise

  • Rookie
    Rookie  7 months ago +835

    "She worked as a banker for 30 stable years." As a millennial, I feel like thats not even an option for me.

  • UwU Owo
    UwU Owo  2 months ago +133

    Can we just appreciate the fact that Pete looks WAAY healthier

  • M Hewett
    M Hewett  7 months ago +4916

    This was more depressingly accurate than it was funny.

  • Fayanora Ahnabahn
    Fayanora Ahnabahn  5 months ago +123

    I'm pretty much 100% psychologically incapable of interrupting people who are talking, I would win at this game so hard!

  • Future Senator Karl Pilkington

    "maybe you can tweet about it"

  • seeingsights
    seeingsights  6 months ago +1043

    I'm a Gen X.
    I work with Millenials, and none of them blame Gen X.
    Millennials, The Boomers screwed your Generation.

  • 1CombustionMan
    1CombustionMan  6 months ago +988

    @5:16 College cost $300??? Sis that's like ONE of my text books!

  • Mega Maize Rage
    Mega Maize Rage  5 months ago +135

    As a millennial, I appreciate the Gen X in this. Say what you will but at least they're honest about themselves

  • Lynne Jones
    Lynne Jones  6 months ago +74

    oh, man, whoever dreamed this skit up is freaking awesome.. this was so spot on and hysterical. love it.

  • Dawn Kelly
    Dawn Kelly  5 months ago +37

    "I worked my way through college." "Of course you did, college was $300 back then!

  • paul Z
    paul Z  6 months ago +75

    This might be one of the most poignant SNL sketches ever

  • Boy Aditya
    Boy Aditya  5 months ago +79

    I have uncles who collect vintage cars and have wall of guitars in his house ... this is too accurate LOL ...

  • takocos
    takocos  3 months ago +32

    "I'm Gen X I just sit on the sidelines and watch the world burn" I have never connected to anything more. I felt that in my soul.

  • Christ power
    Christ power  6 months ago +25

    This was awesome. SNL has really good writers. This was an excellent piece of social commentary.