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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 3, 2017
  • Today I made a My Little Pony themed cake! Let me know down below what other videos you'd like to see.MERCH: RECIPE:*Order The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook here:*FULL RECIPE: ME HERE:Website: http://www.RosannaPansino.comFacebook: http://www.rosannapansino.tumblr.comInstagram: rosannapansinoFOLLOW NERDY NUMMIES HERE:Instagram: THINGS YOU'LL NEED:* (2 ¼) Cup Sugar:* (7) Egg Whites* (3) Cups Flour:* (¼ + 1/8) Teaspoon Almond Extract:* (3) Teaspoons Vanilla Extract:* (1/8 + Pinch) Teaspoon Salt:* (3) Teaspoons Baking Powder:* (1 cup + 2 Tablespoons) Milk* (6) Tablespoons Shortening* (¾) Cup Salted ButterHELPFUL LINK:* MLP Figures:* White Fondant:* Circle Cutters:* Mini Cutters:* Fondant Tools: NUMMIES THEME SONG (Written and Produced by Dawin)*Buy on iTunes: is not a sponsored video. All products purchased by me.


  • NiceFriendly kitty-gaming
    NiceFriendly kitty-gaming  a years ago +133

    The first video I saw on this channle was the my little pony cupcakes after that I fell in love with baking!
    THANK YOU RO!😄😄😄🤓

  • Kaitlyn
    Kaitlyn  a years ago +296

    Who else just watches but doesn't bake? Like if u do too

  • Diamond 1402
    Diamond 1402  a years ago +24

    Tnx for making this video because I love mlp and I saw the movie

  • paru Patel
    paru Patel  a years ago +21

    Can you please make a Moana 4 tear. Cake. Like the finding nemo cake. PLEASE!

  • Jesi Ginesh
    Jesi Ginesh  a years ago +38

    Can you make cakes related to spongebob ?

  • Hayley Earl
    Hayley Earl  a years ago +23

    You are so perfect

  • bff channel
    bff channel  a years ago +177

    OMG my life is complete cause I love mlp
    U should be in a bakery or a back off I know u would win

  • Alice Bromby
    Alice Bromby  a years ago +4

    Does anyone else just watch this for entertainment not actually baking
    Is it just me?!

  • Foxx Filmzz
    Foxx Filmzz  a years ago +11


  • oniwink 13
    oniwink 13  a years ago +32

    Can you make something Halloween and scary? Please do. Thumbs up if you agree

  • Bigheartlindsey Bigheartzeyzey

    Rossana Lindsey Stirling cake please!

  • Anaiyah Denise
    Anaiyah Denise  6 hours ago

    Could you make a ever afther high tear cake

  • Megan R
    Megan R  a years ago +2

    Everyone needs to stop watching satisfying slime videos... just watch Ro

  • Arianna Sliger
    Arianna Sliger  a years ago +4

    You should have added the symbol on the ponys to the doors

  • Marilin Forsel
    Marilin Forsel  a years ago +100

    Who else thinks that Rosanna looks like Belle from the beauty and the beast?

  • melissa adams
    melissa adams  a years ago +7

    I love your videos!!!!!!!

  • ryan
    ryan  a years ago +2

    Can you make a moana cake☺🙌

  • Jesi Ginesh
    Jesi Ginesh  a years ago +8

    Oct 3 is my birthday

  • Deepti Mondal
    Deepti Mondal  7 days ago +1

    Please make a valentines theme cake 💑💏💝💘

  • Ava Bisson- Thibault
    Ava Bisson- Thibault  a years ago +44

    Please something Harry Potter themed! Maybe the Sorting Hat?