I Destroyed Heaven by Sending Satan There - Heaven vs Hell

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 16, 2019
  • I Destroyed Heaven by Sending Satan There - Heaven vs Hell
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    Satan's #1 fan isn't happy.

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    ABOUT: Afterlife: Heaven vs Hell

    This is an afterlife adventure where you play as an angel of death and decide people's faith. You have the power to decide who goes to heaven and who goes to hell in afterlife. Judgement day has arrived, angels of heaven are counting on you while satan and devils have an agenda of their own.

    Play this offline magical afterlife adventure and choose people's destiny and faith.
    This is a story based game where your decision impacts the outcome of story.

    Offline career mode.
    Story based game where your decision affects the outcome.
    Beautiful graphics and interesting characters.

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  • Broccoli luvs Kokichi

    Name : Mash
    Death by: fell into lava

    minecraft has entered the chat

  • Rachel_roblox
    Rachel_roblox  3 hours ago +1

    Me : eating mashed potatoes
    Desu: hates potato’s
    Me : HUH YOU BA-

  • dino man
    dino man  3 hours ago

    I died because of an antimatter bomb. I'm cool! Send me to heaven.

  • Mille Svend
    Mille Svend  8 hours ago

    Okay I have this game .btw try to only put people to hell and do Satan says. Oh btw ignore the Holy guards. They are annoying

  • Samadhi Athukorala
    Samadhi Athukorala  10 hours ago

    Satan looks like Saitama (one punch man)

  • devillie_gacha
    devillie_gacha  12 hours ago

    "He killed some of the angels too." Wait, I thought they were already dead? I mean they are dead peoples, but they're still dead tho.

  • ThePigletGamer
    ThePigletGamer  13 hours ago

    I have a challenge:
    Send everyone with a cool death to heaven and the rest to hell

  • Bryant Wulu
    Bryant Wulu  17 hours ago

    No such thing as god or the devil

  • K Star2
    K Star2  17 hours ago

    15:10 angels are already dead.

  • Aaron Whitcher
    Aaron Whitcher  21 hours ago

    @ 5:32 ouch game, why so hurtful that's me by the way

  • Danique Dalmeijer
    Danique Dalmeijer  23 hours ago

    When he showed satan for the first time the video randomly paused. It’s 23:23 and I’m home alone. I’m scared.

  • Sunrise Rose
    Sunrise Rose  yesterday

    Wait if you get killed and go to heaven/hell.. and u get killed there?... WHERE DO U GO?!

  • Noodle Show
    Noodle Show  yesterday

    Maybe the person who threw potatoes at her husband and the husband was the guy who hated potatos

  • Blizzard wolf
    Blizzard wolf  yesterday

    She sat her friend’s house on fire and died because of house fire. Wow, she must really learn to not play with fire XD

  • We Irritatin’

    Yes I love chaos and evil yes I’m friendly WE EXIST

  • Max Venter
    Max Venter  yesterday

    You called god a basterd

  • Max Venter
    Max Venter  yesterday +1

    What the hell this is such a stupid video who bitch

  • Kyrlin Fernandez

    I hate him

  • Darion Akins
    Darion Akins  yesterday

    Veji was a nark. Good riddance

  • ivan chan
    ivan chan  yesterday

    you such