We made EVERYTHING From Chipotle 🌶

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 4, 2019
  • We decided to take on the challenge of creating a pop up, table top, portable Chipotle along side every single dish at Chipotle made from scratch. Then we decided that's insane. So enjoy our top favorite recipes and see the hilarity ensue serving customers out of our kitchen. #Chipotle #NotSponsored

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  • Jeff Harris
    Jeff Harris  8 months ago +3458

    The lengths you two go for our entertainment. A pop-up Chipotle in your own home? Brilliant! So, what's next? Panda Express? Jollibee? Culver's? Sky's the limit.

  • Alejandro Meza
    Alejandro Meza  8 hours ago

    Who else is laughing at them saying bardacoa and carnitas wrong

  • Donnie Go
    Donnie Go  2 days ago

    Wow guys

  • Bruce Hernandez
    Bruce Hernandez  4 days ago

    mexicans dont even make barbacoa like tht 🤣💀

  • christian yang
    christian yang  4 days ago

    what if I sat the chicken in the marinade for like 15 years is it going to be awesome? Because you said the longer the chicken is in the marinade the better it is

  • Lil Pepaps
    Lil Pepaps  6 days ago

    There’s my sofridas at u didn’t make everything 😡😡😡😡

  • Sir Oof ::
    Sir Oof ::  6 days ago

    Better remember to clean your printer 😉

  • Claustrophobic Teletubby

    Why does working at chipotle lowkey look fun

  • Candace Cherry
    Candace Cherry  7 days ago

    It sounds delicious

  • WithLama
    WithLama  7 days ago

    I can’t believe you guys actually took the effort to do it I’m amazed

  • Danielle Lehman
    Danielle Lehman  7 days ago

    I love this...but having a hard time considering you used prechopped olive oil soaked jarred garlic...the Italian in me just cant

  • Nightgage BP
    Nightgage BP  7 days ago

    Julia," Is this really necessary."
    No... none of this is necessary

  • Jelo Catipay
    Jelo Catipay  7 days ago

    Julia looks Like Simply Nailogical are you Christine?

  • Ashvin Kirithararasan
    Ashvin Kirithararasan  14 days ago +2

    Am I the only one who realized that they spelled healthy wrong.

  • Optamic Gamer
    Optamic Gamer  14 days ago

    You should make a series where you make the menu and make your own resteraunt

  • More Ivan
    More Ivan  14 days ago

    Chipotle meat is cooked well done not raw

  • Yamilet Valdovinos

    Oof I want more chipotle

  • Kyle Wang
    Kyle Wang  14 days ago

    I Love it so much and this video is really satisfying, I wish you can make more video like this for example Mcdonald, KFC, starbuck and etc

  • Chick3n F0fu
    Chick3n F0fu  14 days ago

    At 2:18 it said like Julia said human

    BALLISLIFE88  21 days ago

    She said human 2:18