Weekly Track Roundup: 2/10 ...A Not So Good Week

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  • Published on:  Sunday, February 10, 2019
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  • kanye's MAGA hat  4 months ago

    *_this just in_*Russ and chainsmokers have taken the L yet again

  • Rockin' D  4 months ago

    That Chainsmokers/5SOS singles cover totally rips off Fall Out Boy's Lake Effect Kid.

  • Kelley Reeves  4 months ago

    WORST1:48 Russ - Missin You Crazy (Acoustic)2:18 Pet Shop Boys - On Social Media4:07 The Chainsmokers & 5 Seconds of Summer Who Do You Love4:37 Beck - Super Cool ft. Robyn & The Lonely IslandMEH5:29 Superorganism - Hello Me & You6:10 Ratso - Our Lady of the Night ft. Nick Cave6:51 These New Puritans - Anti-Gravity7:12 Migos - Position to Win7:57 Khalid - Talk8:22 Ibibio Sound Machine - Wanna Come Down8:42 Fontaines D.C. - BigBEST9:37 Wand - Scarecrow10:40 Oliver Tree - Hurt...

  • Jesse Martinez  4 months ago

    5SOS going full pop ain’t doing so hot compared to their Youngblood album. Even their fans aren’t liking the switch up

  • man dronomy  4 months ago

    @weeb cunt no melon is a demi God there's a difference

  • blonded fight  4 months ago

    Wow after being generous in 2018 melon is mad in 2019

  • A Box in the Black  4 months ago

    blonded fight The Grammys didn’t help either.

  • Ismail Ghedamsi  4 months ago

    Aesop Rock and Yugen Blakrok dropped an album.2019 is better right now to me

  • J P  4 months ago

    I liked the part when you said "I took squirrel girl to the beach just to nut in sandy cheeks" bars

  • Notmyrealname -  4 months ago


  • puppetking82  4 months ago

    Waiting for the NOT GOOD episode on the Grammys. Greta Van Fleet getting best rock album is a slap in the face

  • Naveen Borojerdi  4 months ago

    puppetking82 what do you expect? Award shows are just popularity contests.

  • Rockin' D  4 months ago

    Plus From The Fires is an EP, not an album

  • Assoholic Shark  4 months ago

    Despite the fact that there are more best tracks than worse tracks, it's a worse week because Russ decided to make music.

  • Michael Cheslav  4 months ago

    a day when russ makes music is the equivalent of the evil cowboy coming into town and everyone goes to hide in their home

  • sumojack  4 months ago

    geez, cardi b really won a Grammy 🤧

  • andrew johnstone  4 months ago

    Quick note that aoty winner was such a bad choice that her acceptance speech was like "yeah it was an honor to be nominated, the other nominees are better"

  • J Hupp  4 months ago

    depressed cockroach it’s definitely bc of Kanye because Pharrell somehow beat him for producer of the year

  • Depression Cherry  4 months ago

    Who's here after Janelle Monáe got robbed by the Grammys

  • Pete Wade  4 months ago

    Who here still thinks the Grammys mean shit?

  • Robert Prestley  4 months ago

    @Tyrin Ramsey yet you're here talking about the grammys....

  • you know a week is bad when the title says, “not good”.Honestly, I’m waiting for melon to rate the weeks like how he rates albums.

  • Bailey Brown  4 months ago

    I honestly thought he rated it 2/10 in the title because its February 10th

  • brandon ayong  4 months ago

    Tran.........Sition Did you give this week a look . Did you love it did you hate it ? What would you rate it ? You're the best youre the best what day should i review next ? Anthony fantano ;........february second week .....Forever

  • Juan Luna  4 months ago


  • Lil Sponge  4 months ago

    Walking On Water Wow Wow they're both 8s to me, I think that's fair

  • Juan Luna  4 months ago

    @Adam Hart It was a good year for nominations. All the albums in the category were deserving to some degree