Friends - Videotape

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 2, 2016
  • Friends Season 8 Episode 4 "The One with the Videotape"If You Want To Support This Channel: 1AoXKg3d7QdUD7V6zxPfSBfn4YhNpCcnZqThanks for watching.


  • AS
    AS  a years ago +10712

    Joey is the reason for everything. Chandler and Monica hooked up because Joey wasn't in the room. He introduced Mike to phoebe and Rachel and Ross ended up having Emma. Joey is the greatest match maker.

  • J Valdes
    J Valdes  a years ago +1332

    0:07 "not the sex part, just the stuff leading up to it"....joey and chandler sit down in disappointment

  • Mrs D
    Mrs D  a years ago +350

    I love how Rachel is meant to be doing the invitations but Ross is doing all the work and she's drinking Wine!!

  • Jae Jimenez
    Jae Jimenez  a years ago +644

    Rachel was turned on when Ross licked the envelope 😂

  • Kumar Korale
    Kumar Korale  2 years ago +806

    for the 1st time in human history a man was proved right. all hail ross geller

  • TheNamesSlick
    TheNamesSlick  2 years ago +357

    Anyone else love when Rachel thinks she's so right and can't be beaten, then is proven completely wrong?

  • maryam mure
    maryam mure  a years ago +226

    so Rachel knew she seduced Ross yet shes saying he came onto her omg lol Rachel girl I'm actually glad she got caught lying infront of her friends there lol she had it coming

  • trollmaster9696
    trollmaster9696  a years ago +458

    1:30 "So happy" PRICELESS 😂😂. The reason why I love Joey.

  • lesyayandfilksongs
    lesyayandfilksongs  2 years ago +7107

    The whole episode is a set-up for one brilliant joke. Genius.

  • Twinkle Naik
    Twinkle Naik  2 years ago +203

    Rachel made the biggest fool of herself

  • Akanksha14
    Akanksha14  a years ago +89

    2:33 Monica's expression is priceless!!

  • Nicel Diquit
    Nicel Diquit  10 months ago +98

    I just realized something Joey maybe the single guy out of the group but he sure has a way of matching people up. Because of him Ross and Rachel had Emma, he was also the reason why Chandler and Monica got together and he was the one who introduced Phoebe to Mike. As coincidental as this situations may have been Joey sure has a way of bringing people together.

  • Gaurav Pardeshi
    Gaurav Pardeshi  2 years ago +557

    hats off to writer..whole episode is writeen around one superb story and it made one hilarious joke..this is called as writing a story

  • Megan Owens
    Megan Owens  2 years ago +4640

    This was so satisfying cos she was so arrogant

  • Maddy Mudliar
    Maddy Mudliar  8 months ago +47

    I keep coming back to this video to see everyone's reaction to the Europe story..

  • Antonio Alejandro Caro Alvarez

    One of the most satisfying scenes in tv history.....

  • Ben Anderson
    Ben Anderson  a years ago +147

    Rachel deserved this because of the way she was acting I mean not everything is about her

  • Seema Bhatnagar
    Seema Bhatnagar  a years ago +163

    All Rachel cared about flattering her sky-high ego and feeding lies to rest 4 while all Ross cared was to save Rachel from embarrassment. And it had always been Rachel who enticed Ross at every arising opportunity.
    Joey's reactions and Ross's victory grin... Best part of the scene.😂

  • Power Metal
    Power Metal  2 years ago +6011

    Ross finally gets some justice in the court of public opinion.

  • phantomwaltz
    phantomwaltz  2 years ago +51

    this was absolute genius. the scriptwriters were just genius. was not expecting that