• Brad Mondo  (Feb 7, 2019))

    Who's the shit? You the shit.

  • bunnybeanz  (4 hours ago))

    were the shit and youre just shit

  • sara naila  (5 hours ago))

    It would be funny to see you try henna hair dye 😂😂 I dyed my hair with henna and I really like it( well .. there is only different shades of red depends on the hair color but....) it would make a great video ...

  • ToriTellemMusic  (Feb 7, 2019))

    *Petition for Netflix to give Brad Mondo his own show*Edit: thanks for all the likes and thank you so much to everyone who subscribed to me after I posted this comment! ❤

  • JL Dixon  (1 day ago))

    Yes. Give Brad his show. Love his on air presence. I'll watch.

  • Queen Amor  (1 day ago))

    Eh I think Netflix is good

  • AliceintheRabbitHole  (Feb 11, 2019))

    "Can't work because you're not at a salon"Omg so out of touch with reality, Brad. Not everyone works from their phones.I respect the work of hairdressers, but box dyes are a GREAT option for people on a lower budget.

  • A.Grubie  (2 hours ago))

    s stingwray you don't need a license to buy professional quality products either. There are certain things like harsh chemical strippers and the like that'll require a license, but most things do not. I don't recommend anybody who doesn't know what they're doing to lighten their hair at home, but you can't do that without bleach and using a box of dye either. As Brad pointed out you do not know the composition of chemicals you're putting in your hair out of a box. When you purchase dyes and components ...

  • s stingwray  (2 hours ago))

    A.Grubie I’ve seen y’all that use “salon-quality” dyes you bought from Sally’s and did yourself and y’all look a hot mess with your over-bleached over-processed hair, the point is box dyes are less expensive, super easy to use, and actually have less harsh chemicals (which is why you’re allowed to buy them without a license).

  • Jadah Estrada  (6 days ago))

    Wow! You actually switched the heads... I was hoping the comments were wrong but it’s so obvious! The stains were a clear giveaway and so were the colors! The “professional” hair dye was much darker and you even pointed that out in the beginning of the video. Why lie and not just admit that you were wrong and actually preferred the box dye? The “professional” dye looked terrible and you knew it. You know what they say, never judge a book by its cover... especially if you clearly don’t know what you’re ...

  • Kaylee Hamlin  (7 minutes ago))


  • Katie Cottingham  (22 hours ago))

    +JonScottWontStop That's an awesome review reply and actually very helpful. Thank you!

  • Sami B  (6 days ago))

    You can literally just look at the colors and tell he switched them ... embarrassing

  • yaya_28  (3 days ago))

    I've coloured my hair the box colour he picked. And the one he said was the professional one is the boxed dye. It left the same red tinted on my scalp

  • Sumaya Lagdas  (3 days ago))

    There's a red stain at 12:30 on the box dye mannequin's forehead. And the same stain shows later at 13:07 on the "Pro dye mannequin" comoon

  • Nightmoth  (5 days ago))

    As a "professional" you were really taken off guard by handling a simple dye bottle. If you cant work with something so simple that us "poor folk" use easily, should we question your actual experience?

  • livi poppleton  (14 hours ago))

    i don’t think in anyway he was referring to poor folk in handling a dye bottle, dye bottles are used in professional salon settings, not as common bc they aren’t re-usable or sanitizable so they are wasteful vs a tint brush which is & using a tint brush you have a lot more control, a “professional” is stating he has been thru the required training, works in a salon & has an active license, he went out of his way to use professional color accessible & affordable to people with out a license,...

  • Annaelle Smith  (1 day ago))

    True true...and he switched the heads anyway

  • Lady Vertical  (Feb 7, 2019))

    I've used box dyes for years. You definitely had such obvious biased that it didn't even seem like you tried. I use ion colors from sallys beauty (edit; since ppl don't pay attention I added this because he said you could get similar items to the stuff he was using for the pro side at sallys.) now because I like the color choices but I wouldn't say they are so far and above the drugstore box stuff. Been coloring my own hair for 17 years. Also why wouldn't you section the hair for the box side? Normall...

  • Lady Vertical  (3 hours ago))

    https://twitter.com/bradmondonyc/status/1095801271737569284 And he did admit they may have accidentally gotten switched. I do believe it was an accident. I like Brad. My comment was not nasty & hateful, it was just stating the obvious bias was showing & you can get good results with box dyes. Which, the head being switched... He did get good results.

  • Lady Vertical  (3 hours ago))

    And as a ton of comments in the replies here & on the video have pointed out.. He switched the heads. Accidentally or on purpose, tons of people noticed it (I didn't originally).

  • Michelle Mills  (5 days ago))

    Yikes. I feel really embarrassed as a professional. Few points. The colors you chose were not that similar, the wella color you got is a dark violet. The box dye looked like a red violet. That's how I can tell the heads were switched. Second. Box dyes make hair look shiny (depending on the brand) because of the ingredients, such as metallic salts and whatnot, but they eventually do dull down. I hate box dyes because the damage from them is pretty harsh and the effects of using box dyes with bleac...

  • livi poppleton  (14 hours ago))

    not to mention he should of chose a level 5VR instead of a 3V? the swatch he picked did not really match at all.

  • livi poppleton  (14 hours ago))

    Michelle Mills i think what would have been a better way for him to do this was to label the mannequins, do the box dye & the professional & then lift both the heads & show the difference in the lifting! showing the unevenness coming from box dye vs the more predictable lift coming from the professional color, i get that he tries to cater more to his audience of people that aren’t professionals but in a sense towards professionals it seems to lack laziness & lack of knowledge

  • Emily Duncan  (6 days ago))

    Brad....wtf. this is 100% bs. I JUST dyed my hair with this exact box dye (reason I ended up on this video) and it came out looking EXACTLY like the professional head. Nothing like the "box dye" head...you switched the heads. I wish I could post pictures comparing my hair to the box, because it came out exactly like it said it would.. as for the mess, I didnt struggle at all. Only issue I had, was with the gloves slipping off because my hands are small. I dont get how you a professional made ...

  • Annaelle Smith  (1 day ago))

    Same 😂 smh

  • Look at the eyeshadow

  • Theone Thompson  (3 days ago))

    Proof he *did* switch the mannequins: At 9:39, go full screen and look at the "professional" hair colour (on the right). You can faintly see a mark on the lower part of the chin. The other doll does not have this mark.At 16:50, Brad is still claiming this is the "professional" hair colour. (You'll have to pause before the chin get's covered by hair) But there is no mark on the chin.At 19:35, you can see the chin mark on the now "box dye" hair colour.So, I guess box dye...

  • Emilija Romic  (3 hours ago))


  • Eliza Smith  (1 day ago))

    Theone Thompson and at 13:05 you can see the dye that got on the mannequin that he claimed was the profesional dye's neck for the box dye