I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 12, 2018
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  • Merimina  3 months ago

    "A dollar???"*Liza entered the chat*"Did somebody say a dollah????"

  • watah (melon) for a dollah!!!

  • Alyvia Singleton  14 days ago

    A cOllAh fOr a DoLlah?????

  • Alana Webster  1 months ago

    Title: I tried the keto diet so you don’t have toWhat it should be called: Gabbie wanting sweet potato and watermelon for 20 mins and 51 seconds straight

  • lIlTtLe tHoTiE  14 days ago


  • Ella Erickson  4 months ago

    95% of comments~ you’re doing keto wrong5% of comments~ talking about her watermelon comment lol

  • Kevin New  1 months ago

    Well she did do keto wrong

  • antonella  1 months ago

    Ella Erickson it’s the other way around lmao

  • Luna Games  1 months ago

    Gabbie: *doing a diet and exercising*Me: *sitting in bed alone eating a huge bowl of Ramen*

  • Libby Phillips  yesterday


  • ItzJustCqdenza  10 months ago

    Gabbie is literally me.“I won’t buy it”“Okay I bought one”“Just kidding I bought three”

  • Saharah Sinkler  1 months ago

    @Umbreon_Games SAAAAAMMMMEEEE!!!!!!!!!

  • Jamie G.  2 months ago

    Fun game: take a shot every time Gabbie mentions wanting a sweet potato

  • No. It’s not a fun game. It’s suicide!

  • "Keto flu" is something you get when your body starts ketosis and goes away in a couple of days - should've probably mentioned that.

  • Mellie K  10 days ago

    Sarah A it’s an electrolyte balance, combined with sugar withdrawals. It’s so so easy to fix but she did zero research (which is not particularly smart or safe).

  • Lila Mae Foos  14 days ago

    @Sarah A I would suggest doing proper research before making assumptions. Flu-like symptoms are caused because the body is going through a process of flushing out remaining unnecessary/harmful fluids while trying to adapt to the extreme change of diet. There is a ton of scientific research that proves it is much more healthy for our bodies; I've written an entire paper on it⁠—pretty interesting stuff if you ask me.

  • Jordyn Animates  5 months ago

    Omg in the middle of watching this i got an ad about the keto diet!

  • kate  4 days ago

    How SHOCKING, YouTube has an algorithm?!?

  • Madison Elizabeth  3 months ago

    Gabbie: Right now, coffee is just medicine to me. Nobody:Me: CAN YOU MEDICATE, A BROKEN HEART

  • paige snook  2 days ago

    Shelbie Benner is this sarcasm?

  • Madie Pittser  9 days ago

    Madison Elizabeth I like ur profile pic

  • TAYLA UNST  5 months ago

    Blueberries are okay on ketoThey have saved my cravings

  • Brianna Pinkney  10 days ago

    Sugar is a type of carbohydrate....

  • Kevin New  1 months ago

    Garrett Keefer Yes you are right about a lot of the that, and I am very sorry that I took it out of context, but you should also know that if you’re writing something and somebody can’t hear your tone they are most likely going to misunderstand what you are saying so I believe we were wrong on both sides