I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don't Have To

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 12, 2018
  • No carbs and no sugar for a week. Does it work? Is it worth it?

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  • Kay Scribes
    Kay Scribes  an hour ago

    She has a fever she can’t sweat out

  • Kay Scribes
    Kay Scribes  an hour ago

    I I I I’ve got a migraine

  • iambre12 22
    iambre12 22  5 hours ago

    Daniel Seavey has left the groupchat
    (Bc he loves watermelon)

  • Matty Tac
    Matty Tac  6 hours ago

    Try it for a month, a week is just the detox stage.

  • svt hajima
    svt hajima  7 hours ago

    "if youre eating correctly, you wont have cravings" that hit me hard. i guess i really havent been eating well. thank you for waking me up gabbie!! i loVE YOUUU❤❤

  • Mcfunion :3
    Mcfunion :3  11 hours ago

    lowkey kinda annoyed everyone's getting on gabbie about what she ate. She tried, she really did, it just didn't work out for her. Keto doesn't work for everyone. She might not have done it perfectly, but she did better than a lot of people on "keto" do.

  • Kelsey Dutton
    Kelsey Dutton  13 hours ago

    "Diet" is not a synonym for "what to eat if you want to lose weight". It means "everything you normally eat", or "your way of eating". The title for this video is misleading enough.

  • *K A T E*
    *K A T E*  14 hours ago

    I got traumatised in primary school because whenever I would eat at school, kids would make fun of me because I was chubby. Even though I’ve lost a lot of weight and became skinny, I still can’t eat at school to this day. I’m in secondary school now (basically high school in England if you didn’t know)

  • *K A T E*
    *K A T E*  15 hours ago

    My mum does this

  • Rudy Gomez
    Rudy Gomez  yesterday


  • Rudy Gomez
    Rudy Gomez  yesterday

    Those first five days were keto fever after that your fuller and the sickness

  • Danielle Gil
    Danielle Gil  yesterday

    All your bad feelings were because you're addicted to sugar.
    I've been doing this Keto diet for three years and it makes me feel so good and Energy. Because I’m not addicted to sugar
    My tip for those who start Keto diet , to do it gradually and dishonestly and not lower all the sugar and carbohydrates because the body is used to it, and as soon as you lose everything quickly body crashes.

  • golden other
    golden other  2 days ago

    LOL why are you so dramatic? Do it right and those symptoms will be barely noticeable and when you adjust after a few days you feel better than ever.

  • Dezmarae Armstrong

    Don’t put yourself at risk for a video I love u and videos

  • Keicha Garcia
    Keicha Garcia  3 days ago

    Final thotz 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Emilee Atwood
    Emilee Atwood  3 days ago

    I am soo proud of gabbie for making it 5 days and you shouldnt say sorry i love you gabbie

  • Freya Staples
    Freya Staples  3 days ago

    Just before this video and as for eating healthy came up. So ironic

  • 0Eternal Souls0
    0Eternal Souls0  3 days ago

    *This diet is incredibly awful for you.*
    Eat lots of fruit, which is high in sugar and carbohydrates. Eat some pasta, potatoes, beans, grains, and rice.

  • Colleen Kordzi
    Colleen Kordzi  4 days ago

    Girl you need to eat more fat!! That's why you were starving so bad!

  • alexa
    alexa  4 days ago

    while she does this im just laying in bed eating cherry cough drops, sick as frick.