Should we be OK with Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma playing nice? | The Jump | ESPN

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
  • Rob Perez aka World Wide Wob joins Cassidy Hubbarth, Ramona Shelburne and Chris Haynes joins The Jump to break down some off-the-court happenings around the NBA, including Karl-Anthony Towns calling out former Minnesota Timberwolves teammate Zach LaVine, Los Angeles Lakers teammates Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma playing nice in the wake of the diss track and them being told by the team to tone down the antics, CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard responding to the Las Vegas over/under win total for the Portland Trail Blazers, and more.

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  • Yusuf Ali
    Yusuf Ali  a years ago

    I found out reason they're there is to make drama kuz and Zo are like real bros! We seen summer league work together and bonding carried to Real League Season off summer. You can't always be lovie and dubby shouldnt there time where mates take quick low key shots at each other. Calm on now. #LightSkinBrothers is what they are. Let it go mind your business. Take care of your house hold.

  • 2kbreeze
    2kbreeze  a years ago

    These guys literally have nothing to talk about

  • Nick Calaiacovo
    Nick Calaiacovo  a years ago

    Who cares

  • isidroundercover
    isidroundercover  a years ago

    these guys are friends, friends roast each other and compliment each other.

  • Coziho !
    Coziho !  a years ago

    y’all too old to be trying to figure out tweets by 19-24 year old

  • brodie claesgens
    brodie claesgens  a years ago

    they're literally friends lmao old people are to funny

  • Zeandre Polk
    Zeandre Polk  a years ago

    Whitey Mc white white don’t know the art of talking shit

  • yaboi
    yaboi  a years ago

    Wow this dude is a loser

  • Jered
    Jered  a years ago

    Weren't these the same people who were talking shit a month or so ago saying Lonzo and Kuz dis each other too much?!?! Jesus fucking christ, pick a damn side!

  • Dashawn Mitchell
    Dashawn Mitchell  a years ago

    Ramona Shelburne can get this cock

  • Eddie P
    Eddie P  a years ago

    They were friends this whole time laughing each other through the media. It should be illegal to get paid so much to play dumb

  • Arnis Zargarian
    Arnis Zargarian  a years ago

    You guys chose to use a picture of them in chef outfits? Two ball players are depicted as goofball chefs? ESPN you guys sneak

  • JDVL2k
    JDVL2k  a years ago

    ESPN..wanting more Lonzo and Kuzma drama for views

  • Trailzlocco14
    Trailzlocco14  a years ago

    They actually have the best relationship between two teamates, If I cant clown on you, your not my mans ...

  • Rob
    Rob  a years ago

    This is how you know there’s nothing else to discuss about.

  • J A
    J A  a years ago

    Slow news day despite Carmelo committing

  • Adam Leon
    Adam Leon  a years ago

    Take this dislike Lspn

  • Cweezy83
    Cweezy83  a years ago

    why do we have a opinion

  • Domeo
    Domeo  a years ago

    No...we shouldn't be OK with two teammates actually getting along. Wtf

  • Fanuel Amare
    Fanuel Amare  a years ago

    This shit fuckin sucks...