REACT  10 days ago +66

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    • Charne' Buis
      Charne' Buis  3 days ago

      Do "Friends" yet

    • Alex Rider
      Alex Rider  4 days ago

      I would like to have seen the poltergeist reference from family guy but please make more guess that reference that would be cool

    • CompilerTries
      CompilerTries  4 days ago

      +ᖇEᗷEᑕᑕᗩ ᑎᑌTEᒪᒪᗩ ღ v,fiiiigggghh

  • Camille Russell
    Camille Russell  4 minutes ago

    Benny with the Becky Lynch shirt 👍👍👍

  • Cynthia Treviño
    Cynthia Treviño  2 hours ago

    please make a react for kindom hearts history

  • Lucht S
    Lucht S  2 hours ago


  • Erica The Empress
    Erica The Empress  2 hours ago

    I thought the 2nd one was the Princess Bride too😂😂😂😂

  • Miranda Myers
    Miranda Myers  3 hours ago

    Kubrick's hardly counts as a King adaptation.

  • Captain Jack
    Captain Jack  3 hours ago

    It's funny cause Stephen King hated that adaptation. It wasnt the same. But it's a good movie

  • levi sy
    levi sy  8 hours ago +3

    Bueller. Bueller. Bueller.

  • Hanna Frostman
    Hanna Frostman  9 hours ago +2

    Real MVPs know that Shipoopi is from the Music Man.

  • Matt Pompa
    Matt Pompa  10 hours ago

    React to the band nothing more

  • Ally Kropp
    Ally Kropp  16 hours ago +2

    I loved Good Will Hunting 😭

  • Tygoloko
    Tygoloko  17 hours ago +1

    Im so mad, I did not get the planes trains and automobiles reference but I so love this movie!

  • Adam’s One Way Ticket
    Adam’s One Way Ticket  20 hours ago +5

    Have to do Simpsons next!!!

  • Julian Bardsley
    Julian Bardsley  20 hours ago +6

    Do simpsons references next!

  • M. Corral
    M. Corral  21 hours ago +3

    wow the only reference I got was the shining. 😂

  • Ronald Eith
    Ronald Eith  22 hours ago +1

    Guess that reference GINTAMA

  • doni setiawan
    doni setiawan  yesterday

    please make josh in every fbe staff video, except guess the song, because he's the only reason i watch the staff reaction things

  • Kayla Downs
    Kayla Downs  yesterday +11

    I couldn’t hear the freaking movie scenes because they were freaking talking 😒😂!!

  • Hatboy Al
    Hatboy Al  yesterday +29

    It's difficult to see the text on the iPads. The whiteboards are better.

  • James Bowen
    James Bowen  yesterday +9

    "It's my favorite Stephen King ADAPTION" get it together FBE

    • Jem
      Jem  yesterday

      Adaption and adaptation are synonyms. Get it together, James Bowen.

    • Ivy Ruonakoski
      Ivy Ruonakoski  yesterday +2

      Fun fact, Stephen King hates the adaptation.