PROTECT THE LLAMA vs GUIDED MISSILES! Custom Fortnite Playground v2 Gamemode

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 2, 2018
  • PROTECT THE LLAMA vs GUIDED MISSILES! Custom Fortnite Playground v2 Gamemode 😄 SUBSCRIBE for more videos! 🡆❤️ FRIENDS🡆 Kenny -🡆 ProHenis-🡆 Bionic-🔥 "FIRE" Merchandise logo clothing line! 🡆 🕹️ MY OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS!🡆 (Roblox Gameplays & More)🡆 (Variety Video Gaming!)🡆 (Minecraft!) 🡆 (minecraft PE)😍 FOLLOW ME HERE!🡆 Instagram -🡆 Twitter -🡆 Snapchat - Snapchat Name 'PrestoSnaps'------------------------------ALL MUSIC USED IN THIS VIDEO:Joakim Karud - Road Trip SongReaktor Productions - Can't Slow Down music provided by


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    Hi Preston!!!! I just subbed and hit the notification bell!! #NOTIFICATIONSQUAD 👍❤️🙂

  • webgirl21
    webgirl21  a years ago +50

    I have an idea for a minigame I hope you like it. it's kind of like five nights at freddy's where one player with just an axe stands in a room in the center of a building with multiple passages leading to that room.The player has to listen for other players with shotguns walking around in the building and must edit the surrounding walls closed before other players enter their room. The player in the center is only allowed to edit the walls closed if they're about to be attacked. Player in center wins if they live five minutes (or some other specified time) You can make the game harder by increasing the size of the room.

  • Ultraviolet / Clark
    Ultraviolet / Clark  a years ago +68

    make a llama wars kinda like minecraft bedwars but in fortnite. like if you agree

  • ProHenis
    ProHenis  a years ago +36

    We gotta impulse Kenny off the hill next time 😂👊

  • Royce Pair
    Royce Pair  a years ago +5

    Preston I love your vids keep it up you are my all time favorite you have made me feel better when I'm sick!!

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    Love u Preston u r my favorite YouTubed keep up the good work❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    The best fortniteplayer is u and me🤔🤔

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    Even tho u deserve 1000000000 likes

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    You are aloud to across the 🦙 even more

  • Ultimate Space Dad
    Ultimate Space Dad  a years ago +2

    That bit at the end with Kenny tho (:-D)

  • Luke Gibson
    Luke Gibson  a years ago +1

    Soviet Anti-Air Defense System
    1943 Colorized

  • Wyatt B
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    I subscribed! Love your vids!

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    Great vid Preston keep up the keep up the good work

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    You could've given credit to Lazarbeam for this but awesome video dude!

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    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS PRESTON!!! Much love from Washington D.C 👍👍👍 LateWithNotificationSquad 😢😢😢

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    Hi Preston I subbed and notification bell and liked the vid keep up the good work

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    Preston it would be lit 🔥if the defenders had impulse nades!

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    Best YouTube in the world to me 👨🏻‍💻👩🏻‍💻