Night city lights - [lofi / jazzhop / chill mix]

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 19, 2018
  • Welcome, my dear friends.This music is ideal for background music at work, while studying, playing games or just for sleeping.________________________________ 🖤🖤🖤My channel is not monetized. Patreon Is the only way to support me 🙏 beats to relax/study to ._________________________________Art by Daniel Liang Liang :00:00 harris cole & aso - safe, now 04:05 Harris Cole & Aso - Close To06:50 osed.trunks - jocelyn08:40 furino - i'm falling in, but she said it's okay10:24 recueil - run for her12:19 Jordy Chandra - I Want You But Not Now14:43 fregit - APOLOGY17:10 arvnd - before the comet splits, let's go on a date19:14 bert - you dont really care20:03 himitsu - rooftop talk22:20 slowheal - transition22:43 slowheal - dont leave26:12 J E N-DAZESUPPORT THE ARTISTharris cole Chandra E N, support me,I'm trying for you :) _____________________________________________If you're a owner of any song/picture on this channel and want it removed, just leave a message on my E-Mail and I'll do my best to delete it as soon as possible. :) [email protected]______________________________✉Submit your music :✉Submit art :


  • Josh K.  11 months ago

    Lofi has made me experience a world of music I had never dreamed of. Whether it be through the upbeat, groovey vibes to the slow and chill beats, it never tends to let me down. This music genre has helped me and probably others too that's in need of unwinding from a stressful situation or just needs comfort. So, I'd just like take some time to appreciate and thank all the artists and community for creating this type of music. I hope you guys have a great day or night wherever you live! ☺️

  • Rayeloy Piano  4 months ago

    totally agree. I believe Nujabes had a lot to do with the creation of this genre :)

  • Marcus G2G  4 months ago


  • RIP HUMANITY 666  10 months ago

    I always love these "Lofi pictures" if you know what I mean ❤️

  • GeesusWay  2 months ago

    Too haha

  • Wasco Castle  2 months ago

    they're the very best

  • ニコル  11 months ago

    Anyone wanna go to the noodle bar w me?

  • Skull Berry !  1 months ago

    ニコル totally!

  • Beta Orionis  2 months ago

    Only If you sponsor.

  • No Rest  11 months ago

    I need to visit Japan.

  • Janice Thammachat  2 months ago

    No Rest my dream place

  • Ziv MH  3 months ago

    But the background is from Hong Kong though

  • Zachary Kuran  10 months ago

    14:55 If this is you, my heart goes out to you. I've come from a spot in which I've had thoughts like that and I know it's an incredibly lonely and terrifying place to be. It's scary and it seems almost like a dumb statement, but reach out if you can. Your own mind is the most dangerous place sometimes, and even though it sometimes feels like no one in the world cares, I guarantee you there are people who love you. If nothing else, I love you, and more importantly, God loves you. Hang in there friend, ...

  • All Me  2 months ago

    I was sorta floored by it. I rarely listen to music on here, and when I do I usually type in: "zen music" just to have some kind of background sound. So it was a real twist of fate that I even typed in something like "light city jazz" and clicked on this video. The music was not what I had in mind but it was a pleasant surprise, so I kept it playing. When he started to speak those words...they could have been right out of my own journal (if I kept one). I had to question whether it...

  • Varun Gawande  4 months ago

    I know, I hit that part and it suddenly felt like my heart stopped, it was still beating obviously. But I couldn't feel anything for a while. Something simple as happiness has started to feel like a rare drop from some legendary quest open only to limited players.

  • Samuel Perdomo  11 months ago

    I've never posted on these uploads because I enjoyed listening to them more. But tonight I was going through a heavily depressing episode and for the first time ever I actually talked to my best friend about my problems and thoughts and it felt amazing. So much poured out I couldn't make sense of some of it but it just felt so good to let so much of it out. From the bottom of my heart thank you. I sincerely hope everyone who sees this comment that hasn't spoken to anyone about it realizes they should. ...

  • ThrasherTheKid  10 months ago

    Did you enjoyed camino de santiago? I want to go probably next year. What route did you took?

  • Hey. at first i wanna say thank ya all the artiats dreamys channel n lofi aspecially itself n also the deep community around these channels. Now back to you n your short view in a special time off your life. i thank you so much cause testerday n some days before i alsothinking about this n many comments down here are mostly the verse which lift me up.most people who now thinking i am just a little part time stranger livin a peacefull little untipic lifestyle. they thinking n feelin i'll be mos...

  • When i heard Bob Ross I was like ,, MASTER *-*,,

  • Nathan Martin  11 months ago

    I literally just put these a mix on from dreamy every night, and just chill in my room thinking about shit. It’s relaxing as hell. Clears my mind of all the troubles in the day. Therapy.

  • ChilledCheese  11 months ago

    This will keep me chilled for a while

  • Zen Crypto  10 months ago

    I love these beautiful lofi animations. They are like works of art. Like Mona Lisa of the 21st century. I'm not even exaggerating. They evoke so much feelings to me whenever I see them while listening to their songs.

  • Julien Eisermann  5 months ago

    You are not alone