ROSE TINTED CHEEKS *2016 rough draft*

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 18, 2018
  • a 2016 rough draft of this idea that would have made the album FLOWER BOY. lyrics below. i never had the courage to tell you i adore youi did it in a song i was too afraid to call youim sorry i know im annoyingi just want your attentionever since i saw you knew nothing was importantyour gravity is too strong its fucking up my orbitcontact avoided by the time i record thisi just want you to listeneverytime i see you, you brighten up my dayyou’re cashmere to my cotton and i wished you felt the samemore options in the alphabet i know ill be OKno i wontits them rose tinted cheeksthey black flag we AFwe BF as AFbut they wont get thatthats that 20 century women referenceyou so hard to get like intricate metaphorscompanies? i own fourbut all i want is yourshit the plex and catch a band or sushi spot i recommendfloat around hitting wheelies leg or engine based it all dependseither one is cool to meand you’re way too cool for meima freeze to death tryna keep up thirsty i am i may need three cups eye contactspeeding down the 5 in my newest rideyou was kinda high speakers mild hightrack 10 track 10, dirtbike afternoonsas long as pale skin is near i didnt have to leave the roomswitch gearsroamed around around fell in love broke my leg and got stuck what the fuckhit my head, wait, i wish you would fall in too i saidi wish you would fall in and snap them legs cause ima be stuck here until im dead and gonei remember when we first metmy eyes, like jeans too tight, i couldnt take em off youyou’re precious metal i was a magnet just looking ive been searching for somethingbut didnt know what i was looking forthen you popped and it became so clearlike that water up north, so clearim intimidated by your existenceflustered because of your presenceyour absence leaves me in a state of confusioni cant function, i cant explain itim aware enough to know this is just a temporary pool of emotionbut since im here, i might as well drownplease dont save me


  • BRSH
    BRSH  2 months ago +1055

    After listening to IGOR, this song fits that album so well.

    LUIOFFICIAL  2 months ago +682

    whoever tyler in love with prolly annoyed asf

  • me
    me  6 months ago +529

    Tyler’s rough drafts are better than some rappers whole discography

  • 365 Katherine
    365 Katherine  a years ago +1775

    if this isn’t on Spotify in exactly 5 minutes I’m punching the flower out of you boy

  • dulce
    dulce  3 months ago +305

    wait but why would this fit IGOR better than Flowerboy

  • Nobe
    Nobe  a years ago +606

    since when do 'throwaway songs' and 'rough drafts' sound this good Tyler?

  • Louuizzle
    Louuizzle  3 months ago +109

    this song predicted Igor’s sound

  • Eltino117
    Eltino117  2 months ago +182

    Crazy how this is basically how IGOR sounds lmaooo

  • Sunny_Ok
    Sunny_Ok  a years ago +3423

    This song is making me feel nostalgic for memories I've never had

  • Fade Away
    Fade Away  a years ago +854

    A mix of pharrel and Icejjfish.

  • Prod.SonicAnime121
    Prod.SonicAnime121  a years ago +376

    Dirt Colored Eyes

  • Hey Im Dominique
    Hey Im Dominique  a years ago +247

    wait what type of cheeks we talking bout here???

  • Ryland McMichael
    Ryland McMichael  2 months ago +102

    This is definitely a rough draft for a song on IGOR

  • R M
    R M  a years ago +190

    I need a Tyler, Frank and Kali joint album in my lifetime.

  • expired chicken biscuit
    expired chicken biscuit  a years ago +395

    From a song about Kidnapping and eating a woman to Shooting Wayne Lapierre with a goddamn' crucifix to a experimental rap metal mix to a song about his lover. Bless Tyler

  • Young Knight
    Young Knight  a years ago +171

    This would have been a great outro to the album Flower Boy

  • GeorgetheGreat
    GeorgetheGreat  a years ago +4047

    flowerboy unmastered soon come???

  • Luke James
    Luke James  a years ago +1556

    This would've fit Flower Boy PERFECTLY!

  • DJ Devinstation
    DJ Devinstation  a years ago +204

    The Pharrell influence is strong with this one.

  • PrinceOfSadbois
    PrinceOfSadbois  a years ago +131

    Idea: get Kali on this track, tweak any areas that you feel need tweaking and release it as an official single