Carla Makes BA's Best Fettuccine Alfredo | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit



  • Loom Geek  (Mar 24, 2018))

    She made my favorite dish look like the easiest dish. And honestly pretty inexpensive and great for people who cook on a budget. No one really needs all that extra jazz.

  • MrsBungle78  (Jan 29, 2019))

    Nathan Phillips When I’ve stored it in plastic wrap in the fridge sometimes it gets little white dots on it. Have you ever had that? I know it’s not mould or anything but it wasn’t the most pleasant mouth feel when I tried eating it!

  • Nathan Phillips  (Jan 28, 2019))

    +MrsBungle78 parm keeps for a LOOONG time. i store it in the fridge wrapped in cling film and i've had no problems

  • Critter Cosner  (Mar 24, 2018))

    Well it's official... my next cats name will be Alfredo.

  • Ana Brasci  (Feb 14, 2019))

    my toad was called alfredo

  • MILLA M.  (Aug 11, 2018))

    Critter Cosner from a glance I thought you said “it’s official my next cat will be Alfredo” 😭😭😭😭 lol

  • Nicolle  (Mar 24, 2018))

    i love this woman wholeheartedly

  • Paul Deland  (Feb 15, 2019))

    Nicolle - She is the Italian Barefoot Contessa....Carla should go to East Hampton & hang out with Ina Garten.

  • Cameron  (Nov 6, 2018))

    "Hurry boy, shes waiting there for you"

  • Blue Guy  (Mar 24, 2018))

    Carla is like my non-existent Italian aunt that I love to be with

  • Benedetta  (5 days ago))

    +Dr. Phil's creampie lounge lol I can guarantee she's not. We don't cook nor act that way here.

  • +Benedetta but SHE is

  • Sammy Tomp  (Mar 24, 2018))

    Bon Appetit you guys have been absolutely killing it lately

  • Jasmin Rolon  (Jun 14, 2018))

    Mikayla A.🐹🐔cbvxbv. 🐔🐈ko. K.

  • Jasmin Rolon  (Jun 14, 2018))

    Sammy Tomp p0m

  • BETSWITHFIST  (Mar 24, 2018))

    Did you get that Vinnie? No cream she says.

  • C J  (Dec 20, 2018))

    +RealityIsTheNow AGREED 100%. Some people on this thread are overly cautious, but they are also most likely over 65 and set in their ways (que eyeroll) Moderation is key people. We only live once so a little salt won't kill ya and get not only will will taste great people. Eat, relax and enjoy.

  • Nicholas Jaworski  (Nov 8, 2018))

    RealityIsTheNow the starch in pasta water thickens it up

  • andrineslife  (Mar 24, 2018))

    I love her attitude 😀

  • Callum b  (Mar 26, 2018))

    She has the attitude of someone pretending to be Italian when she's actually from Brooklyn

  • El Niño  (Mar 24, 2018))

    You will make a fortune out of YouTube if you keep up the momentum.

  • Tino Galbani  (Feb 16, 2019))

    Potrai preparare la cesar salad ma le fettuccine(quelle che hai fatto erano pappardelle di merda) la mantecatura va fatta fuori dal fuoco, il parmigiano deve avere 24 mesi di stagionatura! Un consiglio?:lava i piatti che ti riesce meglio!

  • Amelia Ryczek  (Mar 24, 2018))

    More Carla, please!

  • Uriah Siner  (Apr 21, 2018))

    Now just shred some Costco roasted chicken into it.

  • Dave Nevius  (6 days ago))

    +John Anthony Cantergiani I thoughts ALL Italians were culinary police.

  • RetroCNY  (Mar 11, 2019))

    +Fett & Kohlenhydrate Some grilled chicken breast properly seasoned and cut into slices, then tossed into that alfredo sauce? To die for. I can eat it both ways though. Been eating fettucine alfredo since I was old enough to twirl pasta with a fork.