Conman: The life and crimes of Mark Acklom

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 18, 2019
  • Watch the full story of the cunning fraudster who posed as an MI6 agent to con his ex-girlfriend out of £800,000.

    Conman: The Life and Crimes of Mark Acklom features the first TV interview with Diana Acklom, his mother. In it she has an extraordinary theory for her son’s prolific crimes.

    Acklom has lodged an appeal against his jail sentence for duping victim Carolyn Woods in a romance scam.

    The documentary was made by Sky's crime correspondent Martin Brunt.

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  • Robert W
    Robert W  3 hours ago

    ~ devious bullshit artist! ~

  • smk.
    smk.  4 hours ago

    Lol, he asks the journalist to lend him money from jail!! Beautiful

  • j may
    j may  19 hours ago

    Jp Morgan Chase is also a Machiavellian sociopath, maybe he should have applied. He could have been bffs with Jamie Dimon.

  • Storm Surge
    Storm Surge  yesterday

    He is not doing anything different than most women do! The only difference is, he took his half/alimony in advance! Women that take half/alimony are just legal con artist!

  • Henry G
    Henry G  yesterday

    Did his father not know he was losing tons of money from his gold credit card and didn't report this or cancel his card? 
    What kind of an idiot is he?

  • Jackyblue67 Same

    He saw her coming .

  • ElleJay Rose
    ElleJay Rose  yesterday

    Just googled the "Elon Musk backed business" SWISS DISKS he says he owned...there is a website !

  • ElleJay Rose
    ElleJay Rose  yesterday

    NPD is very common. He was messed up during childhood.

  • siviwe gabela
    siviwe gabela  2 days ago

    For some weird reason i love these con artist. i know its wrong

  • Dialarod
    Dialarod  3 days ago

    I think this reporter has been conned , conned in to thinking he is a journalist, their is more holes in this story then in a shower head .
    How much cutting and pasting went on to stitch this tabloid story together

  • Dialarod
    Dialarod  3 days ago

    The real corruption in this world are the bankers the financiers big pharmaceutical industry and governments who hoodwink the public with all their false flags to exploit other countries.

  • veaudor
    veaudor  3 days ago

    There's something missing here. Why would the teacher give a student, a minor, such a sum? Also, I wonder what kind of relationship they actually had. How did the parents not see the charges on their credit cards? Where were his parents when he was jet-setting around? Didn't they notice his absence? I believe, his parents may have created their own monster.

  • Tris Sloan
    Tris Sloan  3 days ago +1

    I Yield to Mr. Michael John Scott.

  • anana anana
    anana anana  4 days ago

    This lady is very charming.

  • Helen N
    Helen N  5 days ago

    Should be a movie

  • Latrice Davis
    Latrice Davis  5 days ago

    Whaaaaaaaaaat!!!??? - lil Jon voice

  • Kent Graham
    Kent Graham  5 days ago

    Life altering crimes need life altering sentences.

  • Inspector2U
    Inspector2U  5 days ago

    what a c%$t

  • Inspector2U
    Inspector2U  5 days ago

    Silver spoon boy...sorry but this is the worst parenting ever!

  • Brooklynn52 Dee
    Brooklynn52 Dee  6 days ago

    He ruined peoples lives! His punishment should be horrid! He thought about killing himself, maybe he should have and do the world a favor. Glad he finally got caught, they usually do! All in time!