THE IRISHMAN Ending Explained! Real Life Mobsters and What Really Happened To Jimmy Hoffa?

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 27, 2019
  • In this video we take a look at Martin Scorsese's latest Netflix film "The Irishman" starring Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, and Al Pacino. I break down the ending, its real life mobsters and different theories on what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

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  • Think Story
    Think Story  1 months ago +832

    What kind of fish did you pick up? 🐟 And let me know what you thought of the film!

  • Antonio Jason
    Antonio Jason  2 hours ago

    We're brothers? We're Brothers.. get the fuk outta here!

  • Sean Alexander
    Sean Alexander  2 hours ago


  • Brian Cee
    Brian Cee  3 hours ago

    Joey "Roast Beef"

  • _ Swift_
    _ Swift_  8 hours ago +1

    Like Frank said at the start the young people nowadays don’t even know what happened back then. Like the nurse when they were talking about Hoffa. Sad that we won’t get another movie like this soon,

  • Green Goblin
    Green Goblin  10 hours ago

    This was best Deniro/Pacino collaboration.

  • day lauff
    day lauff  yesterday

    Ice man seemed to lie

  • Hasbullah Mohamad Salih

    You didn't explain one important thing. Did the mafia kill Kennedy?

  • Dan Forman
    Dan Forman  2 days ago

    The hug in the car and the phone call. So many awesome scenes and lines. Great movie.

  • Christopher Coccitti

    This movie was really a documentary and it's nice that they got all of the right people to to the acting. It could have been twice as long - a lot of people and relationship not mentioned.

  • Eduardo Verastica
    Eduardo Verastica  3 days ago

    "I'm gonna miss Jimmy..."

  • Elizabeth Djokovic

    Kuklinski was driven by money and did a lot of hits for the mob. He was a monster. Although his claim to have been involved in the disappearance of Hoffa was not given much credence it's quite possible he had something to do with it.
    Kuklinski was a cold blooded sadistic. contract killer and wasn't called the Ice Man for nothing. One wonders why he made this claim if it were not true.

  • paco flores
    paco flores  4 days ago

    I assumed the opening scene was seen through the eyes of the priest

  • Gary Lund
    Gary Lund  4 days ago

    Robert DeNiro is a 24 carat AH.

  • Dyoweeh Castle
    Dyoweeh Castle  5 days ago

    A serious review, until this: 1:58 😁😁😁😁

  • dfefsrdv
    dfefsrdv  6 days ago

    Best Movie ever

  • russel buffalino
    russel buffalino  6 days ago

    Now go home and get ur fuckin' shinebox 👉📦

  • movie guy99
    movie guy99  6 days ago

    I thought the ending with the door being open is some kind of call back to the Godfather. The last scene of the Godfather is of the door slowly closing in on Michael Corleone as he becomes the head of the family and gains this scene the Irishman has no family or power left so the door stays open.

  • Wa Farms
    Wa Farms  6 days ago

    Russell abused of Peggy thus bad relationship thus the reason the other daughter at the end told him about not being able to come to him about problems and considers telling him but doesn’t do it

  • Pasquale Gelardi
    Pasquale Gelardi  6 days ago

    He who lives by the sword dies by the sword