SVP picks a side for Warriors, Rockets and Pelicans over/unders | SC with SVP

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  • Published on:  Saturday, October 19, 2019
  • Scott Van Pelt and Stanford Steve review the Western Conference odds after all the movement during the NBA offseason and the duo analyze the win totals for the Golden State Warriors, Houston Rockets and New Orleans Pelicans, while SVP makes a bonus pick on the Sacramento Kings.

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  • Raymond Acosta
    Raymond Acosta  a months ago

    Curry wont finish the season

  • mm mm
    mm mm  a months ago

    ad will win MVP. lebron gonna help him mcgee howard kuz with rondo

  • B.I./Z.I./ZO
    B.I./Z.I./ZO  a months ago

    They really think the kings are better than the pels? ROTFLMFAO💀

  • otis youngblood
    otis youngblood  a months ago

    GS will be top 4 team

  • Proppa Music
    Proppa Music  a months ago +6

    Its boring watching Harden run point.. Rockets need Westbrook to run the offense

  • Aaron Ramirez
    Aaron Ramirez  a months ago

    The Pelicans are going to go 82- 0in the regular season and then really turn it on in the playoffs and let the entire NBA world know what damage they can do going 16-0 in the playoffs.

  • Xxxx Big Rich
    Xxxx Big Rich  a months ago +4

    If heathy the Lakers go to the finals. I'm a big fan of Khawi my favorite player now but I feel like they win it next year not this year. After the Lakers Clippers the Rockets are at best a second round team but I could see Portland vs the Lakers in the west. Because of seeding.

  • Saint Aubyn TFG
    Saint Aubyn TFG  a months ago +9

    If the Warriors become a top 4 seed, then Steph deserves MVP.

  • P C
    P C  a months ago

    SVP is an idiot. Troll.

  • SnoBunnyPidePiper313🚬

    Rockets 57 wins warriors little/soft47 Lakers 50 clippers 52 Utah 45 pelicans 32

  • jeff jordan
    jeff jordan  a months ago +2

    I think the west gonna be hard like if u win 50 games thats good for a 8 seed hard

  • 0kazn Uan9
    0kazn Uan9  a months ago +3

    These guys know what they talking about when it comes to the kings and pelicans unlike those who like to ride the hype

  • Lyricist Productions
    Lyricist Productions  a months ago +6

    Deangelo and draymond are still a great 2 and 3. It's everyone else I'm wondering about

  • Rafael Cardone
    Rafael Cardone  a months ago +1

    I wish there were more videos of this balded sportscenter dude here on YouTube. He's great

  • James Bell
    James Bell  a months ago +1

    Stopping hating Laker going to win the chip no cap

  • SwankyStill
    SwankyStill  a months ago +5

    in what world does anybody expect the jazz to have 53 wins????

  • Asmosis Jones
    Asmosis Jones  a months ago

    standford steve the king of guy to suck curry off and kerr not realizing they won 57-58 games the past 2 years with kd klay iggy and other veterans in a better environment at oracle when curry was not about to be 32 and green age 30 after 5 finals trips and 7 playoff trips......under..way under..40 wins max and thats if everything goes right...we don't know how kerr coaches without klay kd or iggy on his team.......they cant guard anybody they have no rim protection and draymond is a scrub...d lo and curry dont fit and they will get hurt playing too many minutes look at their wings its literally just one guy glen robinson III..they cut everyone else besides draymond whose even 6 foot 5 or 6 foot 6 on the roster that could play small forward.....damion lee is their only actual shooting guard size wise and hes a g you can play d lo poole burkes curry himself or even evans III off ball so you can try two of these five guys in the backcourt together if you want but they aren't shooting guards on defense size wise they will get cooked if they are switched onto anyone over 6 foot 3 especially if you try three of those five point guards at once..good just saying...they are small and weak on the bench the margin for error in the nba is so small the warriors already have to deal with no stein to start the season...weakening their bench even klay until mid march im hearing...thats literally the last 10 games of the season take them at under 42...they may win under 40 if they shut it down late in the year..this is no knock on curry the roster is a garbage heap after the main 3 guys..just random dudes that can't affect the game the way klay could...hes that important so was iggy cousins cook kd you guys are underrating the fine margin in the nba between the 2 seed and the 9th seed last year ...sure record wise they were 15 games apart but the kings were closer to the nuggets a 2 seed when healthy then you think the nba is a close league teams dont win by 12+ points per game like the 2017 warriors and 2019 bucks did..thats rare in history..most teams win under 10 ppg and losing that much talent means your always behind with a weaker bench when curry is off the floor and can't get stops even with him especially when dray is off the floor....its just not a good team this year...curry won't be efficient..hes going to pull a russell westbrook 2018 or kobe 2006 type efficiency year just shot jack like crazy but his % wont be good enough to lead this team to wins...hes going to have to play a lot of minutes so when he turns 32 in march and hes exhausted you can blame steve kerr if he gets hurt as they flame out in round 1 in the playoffs as a 8th seed which is their best case scenario....they should throw in the towel in march if they aren't a top 8 seed....they aren't winning anything and pushing guys can get them hurt at their ages and the minutes they have logged...

  • C Dai
    C Dai  a months ago +11

    The media has been pushing the “curry will win MVP” narrative before the season even started and Zach Lowe left harden off the potential 2019-20 MVP. Harden was right about the media narrative 😂🤦‍♂️

  • C Dai
    C Dai  a months ago +7

    Harden is gonna have another great season and if Westbrook can get back to his 2016-17 shooting percentages then they will definitely get a 1-2 seed and get to the finals.

  • Ruh Leihon
    Ruh Leihon  a months ago +2

    This guy saying Rockets under? Wow