Let's Make Foam Helmets! BOBA FETT & THE MANDALORIAN | 500k Community Challenge

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 11, 2019
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    With "The Mandalorian" and "Rise of Skywalker" coming out soon after we hit half a million subscribers, Bill thought it would be fun to try his hand at a couple iconic Star Wars helmets in foam. Join him in this 500k community build challenge!


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    Tools & Materials:

    Build Tools - used in almost every video!

    Tools specific to this build:

    Barge Thinner - Amazon

    Acid Brushes - Amazon

    Air drying putty - Amazon

    Sharpened tubes for punching holes - Home Depot + Sanding

    Awl - Amazon

    1/4" Foam PVC Plastic - Amazon

    1/4" Neodymium Magnets - Amazon

    1/4" Forstner bit - Amazon

    Rotary Tool cutting bits - Amazon

    FlexBond - Rosco

    Epsilon Pro - Smooth-On

    C1 Models C1 Metalizer
    Metalizing Buffing Powder

    Replacement Visors - Amazon

    Upholstery Foam - local craft store

    Tin Snips - Amazon

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    Acadia by Last Coast
    Once and for All by Ian Post
    Lombard Street by Stefano Mastronardi
    Take Me On Down Instrumental Version by Jay Denton
    Bring Home The Beats by Jake Bradford-Sharp

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  • StoLi HD
    StoLi HD  an hour ago

    Thanks for that very good tutorial! Are you going to make/upload some Armor Blueprints? ;) Cant wait to see you build a complete Armor kit <3

    BEAT THE GAME  2 hours ago

    plz can you make something from the game astroneer

  • German Emmanuel
    German Emmanuel  4 hours ago

    This Is The Way

  • Angus Morris
    Angus Morris  4 hours ago

    My favourite would have to be Pre Viszla

  • TurtleJeremy
    TurtleJeremy  8 hours ago

    569k wow great number

  • nathan augustus
    nathan augustus  13 hours ago

    what are with the masks in 21:27

  • Phil G
    Phil G  13 hours ago


  • Play4 games
    Play4 games  13 hours ago

    15:16 this is music for my ears hahah! It's like a bee flying close to you!

  • Phil G
    Phil G  14 hours ago


  • Максим Сиразеев

    отличные шлемы получились!

  • Scott EDM
    Scott EDM  16 hours ago

    A Special Note Boys and Girls: If you will notice at 20:16, once he starts working on those intricate parts with the exact-o knife and band saw he picks up a little boo-boo on his finger. Build with care!

  • Andre Leite
    Andre Leite  17 hours ago

    Hi ! Could you please upload an A4 version? Thank you

  • Mirage
    Mirage  19 hours ago

    Gonna be Mandalore the Preserver for me.

  • Michael Soriano
    Michael Soriano  20 hours ago

    The original Mandalor... The very same that spear headed the great hunt of the Mythosors!

  • andrewlengkeek
    andrewlengkeek  yesterday

    Could you show more of them mandalorion helmet, like how you did the above the visitor and the band at the top? Having some problems doing mine

  • Synyster Goose
    Synyster Goose  yesterday

    This is the way

  • Justino Garcia
    Justino Garcia  yesterday

    Bardan Jusik

  • pablopenguin26
    pablopenguin26  yesterday

    Planning on making these this weekend with my mum (she loves mandos) but quick question, the link to the visor works, however Amazon is saying it's out of stock and they are not sure if it will be back in stock. Any other recommendations on other visors??

  • Ammon Krraw
    Ammon Krraw  yesterday

    The mandalor, or the first mandalorian leader

    Is my favorite mandalorian

  • Jai Grazette
    Jai Grazette  yesterday

    This may be and extremely ignorant question but what size foam is that ? It looks like just the mat thickness but I wanted to make sure before I started the build