Flamethrower Cooking!!

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 18, 2018
  • Cooking up my favorite treats with a Flamethrower that isn't actually a Flamethrower...
    Check out Faruk's Cooking video: https://cnclips.net/video/ibYgbP5e7nk/video.html
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  • Rosie GachaSunshine
    Rosie GachaSunshine  2 months ago

    Person who lives next to justine:Uhm, yes? Hello, 911? Um there is 2 people with flame throwers next door.

    911:yeah, that's just Justine. We get calls reporting her often

    Person:oh- uh.... ok

  • Devin Robertson
    Devin Robertson  2 months ago

    I don't like hot dogs sorry

  • Abdullah mohammed
    Abdullah mohammed  3 months ago

    Burda tek turk benim galiba

  • Leah Beasley
    Leah Beasley  5 months ago

    I'm late but I thought this was supposed to be Joshua tree 🤔🤨😂

  • Tuğrulcan Yılmaz
    Tuğrulcan Yılmaz  5 months ago

    İphonedo abi şuna bir Türk Mangal yapsaydında yeseydi ya kız hiç yememiştir ayrıca o sosis hiç pişmedi çiğ yenir mi o öyle , koycan mangala çıtır çıtır için seni yakar dışı beni yakar pişecek :))

  • Thomas Rose
    Thomas Rose  6 months ago

    That is so awesome

  • purplpretzel
    purplpretzel  8 months ago


  • scotty thompson
    scotty thompson  8 months ago +1

    cool video justine

  • richy3454
    richy3454  10 months ago

    Grills use propane too everything is fine to eat

  • Jeff Assassin
    Jeff Assassin  10 months ago

    I need one if those guns.

  • Asher Sioson
    Asher Sioson  10 months ago

    Justine: somebody call 911
    Operator: hello whats your emergency
    Me: some one said call 911
    Operator: (hung up)

  • Jed Castle
    Jed Castle  11 months ago

    iJustine has a flamethrower, Should we be scared?

  • Ethan Sanders
    Ethan Sanders  a years ago +1

    I don't love hot dogs

  • Ryan McDonald
    Ryan McDonald  a years ago

    actually it is a flamethrower, and in California this is a misdemeanor. but hey weapons are hip as long as elon musk is involved, right? can't wait to see what happens when a disgruntled teen gets ahold of one of these not flamethrowers.

  • Jaimie Viado
    Jaimie Viado  a years ago

    hey justine I wish I could meet you because your so cool and awesome but I can't because I have to go to school and summer is over.by the way this video is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jebin Jerald
    Jebin Jerald  a years ago

    Wasted so much food. Not cool😕

  • FJGaming 80
    FJGaming 80  a years ago

    This would have been my 8 year old self’s dream. Popcorn with a flamethrower

  • Hippity Hopity
    Hippity Hopity  a years ago +1

    Them hotdogs were edible because you can get propane BBQ’s and the flame thrower ran of propane
    I have one of them flamethrowers 😂

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis  a years ago

    Cool how you can just juggle hot dogs lol but I think she practiced that before hand and I love it how happy she gets

  • Christian Feltmyeer

    Love your videos very entertaining.