Do Beats Headphones Still SUCK?

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  • Published on:  Monday, February 11, 2019
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  • NCOW
    NCOW  6 months ago +6560

    Imagine being dumb enough to buy a pair of Beats.

  • Happy Emoji
    Happy Emoji  5 months ago +4158

    Beats user : Do I look cool with my sexy headphones.
    Bose user says nothing because the noise cancelling is on

  • Mistakenings
    Mistakenings  4 months ago +1971

    Just sound: sony
    Comfort: bose
    Interface: microsoft
    Plain trash: beats

  • Naabii
    Naabii  5 months ago +523

    Receive a review product from Microsoft. Tittle the video with Beats.

  • brewno
    brewno  2 days ago +4

    BEATS: double click the on/off button to turn the noise cancelling ON/OFF.

  • Preston Chloupek
    Preston Chloupek  6 months ago +4090

    y’all really just put the beats in here to make fun of em huh?
    i like it.

  • Christian Kevin
    Christian Kevin  2 months ago +99

    "Change the way you hear sound... to make this headphone sound better" -Linus 2019

  • VeryZestyLemon
    VeryZestyLemon  5 days ago +34

    Beats don't sound good cause they ain't headphones.....
    They're a over priced fashion product

  • Kiryu Ikami
    Kiryu Ikami  5 months ago +250

    "I love My Little Ponies music."
    - Linus Sebastian 2019

  • Gamer Grandma
    Gamer Grandma  2 months ago +193

    When your YouTube channel is so established you can do a tech video in your kitchen, and no one cares

  • Fireball Digital
    Fireball Digital  7 days ago +26

    USB type c all the things please
    - Linus Sebastian 2019
    What about MacBooks?
    - Me, also 2019

  • Umair Usman
    Umair Usman  7 days ago +19

    Sony's TVs compete with the best in the world
    Sony's headphones compete with the best in the world
    Sony's cameras compete with the best in the world

  • Matthew Wilson
    Matthew Wilson  1 months ago +28

    I got some studios for free with a MacBook purchase 😂 they exceeded expectations on price point for me

  • AGFuzzyPancake
    AGFuzzyPancake  7 days ago +15

    Finally somebody thinks to do the important headbang test! We deathcore fans thank you.

  • Stefan Etienne The Verrge Representative

    Beats are the best, I know, I've reviewed them at The Verrge. in a in depth comparison we compared the Beats to

    a. A Potato
    b. 7 GB of RAM
    c. Ray Tracing Etch a Sketch
    d. 5 Gallons of Mayo

    In conclusion, the Beats EASILY sounded the best with the Potato coming in a close 2nd. But the Mayo was the most comfortable to put on your head.

    Live by the Verrge, Die by the Verrge.

  • xxx _
    xxx _  an hour ago

    I can't decide if I should buy the Sony or the bose. What would you buy?

  • JustinnR Zellet
    JustinnR Zellet  2 days ago

    "Squeeze mine"
    "yeah, actually not impressed"

  • Syed Ahmed Faruque
    Syed Ahmed Faruque  4 days ago +2

    With this budget I will normally buy a smartphone, a Bluetooth headphone, a wired headphone and a meal.

  • Tenzing Ludup
    Tenzing Ludup  14 days ago +21

    The saddest part here is that the headsets are actually more expensive than my phone 😂

  • Cristi Soare
    Cristi Soare  4 months ago +102

    Beats or microsoft can't match the history and the quality of Sony or Bose.