How I make 30,000 daily on binance p2p arbitrage.

  • Published on:  Friday, August 5, 2022
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    The same principle applies to crypto trading. Let’s say that you buy bitcoin (BTC) on one exchange (Binance) at one price and then sell the same amount of bitcoin on another exchange (Kraken) at a better price. The difference in price across these two exchanges will result in profit, but that profit is often small, even negligible, making arbitrage something that a trader will need to do quite frequently in order to realize any substantive gains.
    Arbitrage and Different Crypto Exchanges
    In addition to the specific approach that you take to arbitrage, your choice of exchange may impact your profitability. For some traders, crypto exchanges without KYC (or “know-your-customer” requirements) are important. For others, the choice will be between a centralized exchange (CEX), a decentralized exchange (DEX), or even a hybrid exchange. Let’s take a brief look at the differences between them.

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