How Pennsylvania rigged its electoral map

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 28, 2018
  • Partisan gerrymandering is rampant in America.

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    Every ten years, America readjusts its voting districts. Which state you live in determines a key aspect of that prospect: who draws the map?

    In most states, politicians get to control that process. That can sometimes lead to political gamesmanship from both parties.

    In early 2018, the state of Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court found that the latest redistricting plan set up voters with a politically biased voting map. Which made it easier for one party to win representation in the national body of lawmakers.

    The implications of this discovery are significant. A new map could be a part of a shift in the balance of power in the United States.

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  • Vox
    Vox  a years ago +252

    Pennsylvania is just one example of extensive partisan gerrymandering in the US, but redrawing this one state map may have big ramifications for the the 2018 midterm elections.
    Read about it on

  • Blue Gaming
    Blue Gaming  1 months ago

    Who else wishes Pennsylvania was more popular

  • gokul balagopal
    gokul balagopal  1 months ago

    In India we have constituencies which are permanent

  • Jeff Jefferson
    Jeff Jefferson  4 months ago +1

    Would you have made the same obscene number of Electoral College videos if Trump lost?
    For a proffesional journalism channel you seem pretty biased and anti-republican and I mean no offence but it really kills your credibility

  • SaintSte7en
    SaintSte7en  4 months ago

    Why the hell do you idiots pretend to even care about this? I'm betting 99% of the stupid American millenials in the comment section here can't even state the representative of their congressional district.

  • Leonard Marc Ramos
    Leonard Marc Ramos  4 months ago

    Ahhh, gerrymandering.
    Where politicians choose their voters.

  • George Richards
    George Richards  5 months ago

    If Hillary had won, this video wouldn't exist.

  • jt bass gambler
    jt bass gambler  5 months ago

    Government is disgusting rip off horrible

  • Diego Yanes Holtz
    Diego Yanes Holtz  6 months ago

    Thanks god for gerrymandering.

  • aicram62
    aicram62  6 months ago

    1) we have to determine which election we are talking about. >US HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
    2) the LAW is interpreting the Constitution with blinders. THERE IS NO MENTION OF DISTRICTS
    3) the formula for the TOTAL POPULATION of this branch of government is given as>>>>The Number of Representatives shall not exceed one for every thirty Thousand, but each State shall have at Least one Representative;<<<<
    4) The Constitution can be interpeted to GUARANTEE REPRESENTATION TO THIS GOVERNING BODY to EVERY CITIZEN. since -- We the People - establish - a union- via a constitution- and this the most numerous branch- will be chosen by THE PEOPLE.
    5) Therefore each states' population can be divided by 30,000 in order to determine HOW MANY reresentatives they should have.
    6) The representation of these elected people is for the entire state. NOT FOR A PARTICULAR DISTRICT in the state. AGAIN DISTRICT is NOT IN THE CONSTITUTION.
    7) Allow people to vote for whomever they wish.
    8) Fill the positions based on how many votes the representatives have received until you run out of positions. Allow the people whose representative did not make the cut to give their vote to someone who did.
    9) These representatives would thereafter have the power equivalent to the amount of people who voted for them.
    !0) These representatives will evaluate the bills to determine whether they support them or not. If they support the bill they will place their "points" (votes they were elected with) on the board in favor. If they do not support the bill, they will place their "points" (votes they were elected with) on the board against. After everyone has put up their points. The points wil be added to see which side has more. And that will determine the fate of the bill.

  • Beth Bartlett
    Beth Bartlett  9 months ago

    Why did they leave 13 counties split?
    This "sounds like" it may have "as swing effect"
    Thus "this" would benefit from explanation and possibly - "UN-SPLIT" ALL COUNTIES!

  • Bill S
    Bill S  9 months ago

    That's why Tom Corbett lost in 2014...

  • Trey Cassatt
    Trey Cassatt  11 months ago +1

    Vox this is wrong😂

  • icetwo
    icetwo  11 months ago

    Proportional representation

  • s casino
    s casino  a years ago

    i mean... it's clear to the naked eye that the new districts are fairer. how partisan do you have to be to fight such an obvious thing.

  • Kristen Wood
    Kristen Wood  a years ago

    Man I wish there was a computer program that could use the guidelines already in place to generate new maps. Whatever electoral districts the computer spits out, should they fit the rules regarding equity, equal population, etc., form the map that gets used, no fussing or backsies

  • Missy Barbour
    Missy Barbour  a years ago

    When I canvased for a congressional candidate in the Pittsburgh area, a large part of my job was informing people that they'd switched districts. "You're in Congressman Rothfus' district now." "WHAT? No. That guy's the worst."

  • Alex Byron
    Alex Byron  a years ago

    Summary: GOP realises the only way they’ll survive on white voters is to out-gerrymander Dems whilst passing harsher and harsher voting registration laws

  • Bogdan Seljanko
    Bogdan Seljanko  a years ago

    Why not just follow county boundaries? That's the most logical and easy solution. In order to keep the population the same, it's possible to put two counties with small populations into one electoral district and/or split counties with big population in a few districts while not including other counties.

  • Mister Mistersen
    Mister Mistersen  a years ago

    question: why does one need voting districts when one has counties? why can't you make one county into one voting district?