How Pennsylvania rigged its electoral map

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, February 28, 2018
  • Partisan gerrymandering is rampant in America.Read more about the decision and its significance on to our channel! ten years, America readjusts its voting districts. Which state you live in determines a key aspect of that prospect: who draws the map?In most states, politicians get to control that process. That can sometimes lead to political gamesmanship from both parties.In early 2018, the state of Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court found that the latest redistricting plan set up voters with a politically biased voting map. Which made it easier for one party to win representation in the national body of lawmakers.The implications of this discovery are significant. A new map could be a part of a shift in the balance of power in the United States. More on Pennsylvania’s redistricting rules here: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out Check out our full video catalog: Vox on Twitter: on Facebook:


  • Vox
    Vox  a years ago +252

    Pennsylvania is just one example of extensive partisan gerrymandering in the US, but redrawing this one state map may have big ramifications for the the 2018 midterm elections.
    Read about it on

  • MylesHSG
    MylesHSG  a years ago +277

    It's crazy to let elected politicians draw the district maps. In the UK an independent public body do this and it has to be as fair as possible.

  • Relmfig
    Relmfig  a years ago +93

    As a Pennsylvanian, thanks for this video.

  • Corbin Hughes
    Corbin Hughes  a years ago +324

    America: Disenfranchising voters since 1776

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y.  a years ago +833

    Very political comment

  • Globalism Is Good For Peaceful World.

    I haven't seen any Channel on Youtube that gives detail explanation of its contents like Vox. Thanks for the great works.

  • Mr Rishi The Cookie
    Mr Rishi The Cookie  a years ago +648

    whatever happened to 1 person 1 vote?

  • Kris Laffredi
    Kris Laffredi  a years ago +10

    I will never understand how political gerrymandering is legal.

  • Kevin Petersen
    Kevin Petersen  a years ago +302

    Let's not forget that this is not a partisan issue. Both red and blue are guilty of this.

  • Jonathan van caloen
    Jonathan van caloen  a years ago +360

    Or get a logical voting system.

  • Badly named channel
    Badly named channel  a years ago +366

    As an outsider looking in (I'm from south Africa) politics seem to be unnecessarily complicated and power-oriented. So far every person in authority ANYWHERE in the world has at some point used that power for their own gain. Especially here. Taxpayers payed for our president's pool. I kid you not

  • Savvy Dude
    Savvy Dude  a years ago +392

    This is like What's inside the U.S!

  • silvsilvsilv
    silvsilvsilv  a years ago +13

    Here's a radical idea that might just be crazy enough to solve this problem.
    How about, and stick with me here...
    How about we just count each vote just one time, and the candidate with the most votes wins!
    Insane, right?

  • Peter Stamerra
    Peter Stamerra  a years ago +27

    As a native Pennsylvanian, this video needed to be made

  • Luiz Fernando
    Luiz Fernando  a years ago +8

    US Democracy is a disaster. Hillary had almost 3 million votes over Trump. In any serious presidential country Clinton would've won.

  • TalysAlankil
    TalysAlankil  a years ago +96

    Why do the US even have these blatantly antidemocratic systems? it's ridiculous

  • Tim Derks
    Tim Derks  a years ago +25

    Every time I learn more about the electoral system in the US, I'm stunned about how completely moronic it is... Why can it never be simple in the US...

  • Tobias11ize
    Tobias11ize  a years ago +38

    can someone please tell me why they dont just count the damn votes?

  • Sgt. Green
    Sgt. Green  a years ago +240

    INB4 Whatabout'ism

  • Theaikro
    Theaikro  a years ago +4

    "democracy" the most free country on jk