Binging with Babish: Room Service from Mad Men

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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    Mad Men continued AMC's hot streak of well-acted, well-written, morally irreverent dramas with its sordid look at the lives of Madison Avenue's top advertisers. In an early episode, Roger Sterling attempts to woo America's favorite mistress with a light room service lunch: Oysters Rockefeller, Beef Wellington, and Napoleons. This week, blatantly disregard your cholesterol levels and fire up a Lucky Strike as we indulge in some hotel-room-hedonism with our silver fox boss.

    Music: "A Beautiful Life" by Broke for Free

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  • ethan fasching
    ethan fasching  2 hours ago

    make the MRE cookies from Generation Kill please!

  • Zandriel Grimm
    Zandriel Grimm  7 hours ago

    I've never liked Mushrooms, are there any good substitutes for them in this recipe?

  • Nia Jarmon
    Nia Jarmon  19 hours ago

    Babish, thank you so much for informing us the French press frothing method. I had no idea I could do this at home!

  • MagicLars15
    MagicLars15  19 hours ago

    Its too raw. I like pink, not red

  • The_Salad_Bird
    The_Salad_Bird  yesterday

    i dead-ass fell asleep to your video

  • Radio Nester
    Radio Nester  yesterday +2

    "Drag the tip back and forth."

    C A N D O ! !

  • Salah Usufi
    Salah Usufi  3 days ago

    Raw meat. Yay

  • Brendan Wasyluk
    Brendan Wasyluk  3 days ago

    See ive made beef welington several times and everytime the pastry is cooked but the roast itself comes out fairly bloody, why?

  • Ernie Lopez
    Ernie Lopez  4 days ago

    If you wish to make a beef wellington from scratch

    You must first

    Bake the universe.

  • effwutade
    effwutade  4 days ago

    You guys call this dessert a « napoleon » ??? It’s a millefeuille (thou sounds sheets because of the layers of pastry ) Calling it « Napoleon » has zero sens it has nothing to do with him.... I am really surprised

  • Tuba Toprak
    Tuba Toprak  5 days ago


  • Kukuburra
    Kukuburra  5 days ago

    You forgot the hot mustard you donkey!

  • Salty Beagle
    Salty Beagle  6 days ago +2

    I feel like the people disliking this video either hate food, or made a terrible video on how to make this and are jealous of Babish.

  • Mister Bin
    Mister Bin  6 days ago

    In France, Beef Wellington is surronded by foie gras.

  • D Y L A N
    D Y L A N  7 days ago

    Ramsay would approve

  • Yellow King
    Yellow King  7 days ago

    Look at all this beautiful food I will never taste.

  • Electro Beats
    Electro Beats  7 days ago +8

    "A little bit of silence please"

    music intensifies

  • Kevin Jeon
    Kevin Jeon  7 days ago

    you know this guy is real when he can cook beef wellington right... have all my subscriptions

  • Steve Sims
    Steve Sims  7 days ago +15

    "....the rock upon which we will build our Church."

    Saint Peter approves

  • Corey Foster
    Corey Foster  7 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay: ITS RAWWWWW