Copart Salvage 04 Mitsubishi Outlander Win $850

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 31, 2019
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  • West Dogg  3 months ago

    Yeah Would like to see the 299 paint job and get yourself a new windshield Keep up the good work

  • Dominic Duvauchelle  3 months ago

    West Dogg yes sir

  • MrRawalex  3 months ago

    Yes, a quick repaint would likely be a good idea... and yes, you guys could do your own quickly body work on it as well to clean it up before painting. I would also suggest maybe check around to see if you can get newer matching seats to replace the front seats, as they are both relatively gross still. The mechanical issues won't be hard to fix I don't think, even if you pay someone else to do it. Overall, this is one of your better purchases. This one should resell quickly enough.

  • Papa_Erick  3 months ago

    Stop touching the trash without gloves😂 it makes me feel uncomfortable

  • Freezes Brain  3 months ago

    Same here use gloves sir

  • TheTramSquad  3 months ago

    @Kellys Peppers Amazon has good mechanics gloves for really cheap, even more than the Harbor Freight. Like Viper Orange gloves!

  • Jake  3 months ago

    upper control arm is bent you can clearly see how the bushing is tweaked in the mount where the bolt runs through from the stress of the bend

  • Derrick Wallace  3 months ago

    I second that. Well third, damn forth that motion.

  • Harry Ireland  3 months ago

    You Sir, hold the record for purchasing the most ugly *ss cars on YT ;) Keep doing it btw, it's great content!

  • @DrGreenthumb 1986 he barely changes the oil for a cheap one, spark plugs/coil packs and a battery lol

  • Ilias Lamari  3 months ago

    *Used SUV are insanely popular and because of that, it may be a good idea to fix it and make it look decent.* A small family would love this outlander for sure. But the Maaco $299 paint job costs more than $299. They charge some stupid extra fees and no tax included. You have to prep it good, take some parts of and mask it because otherwise, you will get overspray everywhere. Try to rent a Carpet cleaner on the seats first before hiring a detailer. Should bring high $2000 on a good day.

  • Mike Wiebers  1 months ago

    I would ask if the current paint is better than a cheap respray and if so fix suspension and windshield, and make a little profit and give a family a good suv.

  • Andrew Law  3 months ago

    Invest in a wet/dry vacuum with detergent spray and do your own detailing. The carpet and seats will come up really well with a bit of tlc.

  • Larn Davies  3 months ago

    Detailing interior makes a huge difference, it's what I do and sells cars, people appreciate clean and tend to overlook other defects I have found.

  • Andrew Law  3 months ago

    @shane mc Yep, he's too busy buying shitters with a blindfold on! 🤔

  • QuentinC  3 months ago

    Do the paintjob and windshield and then make a video called "is a maaco 299$ paint job worth it?" That will pull some good views and help sell the car

  • Jon Smith  3 months ago

    There are already a lot of videos reviewing maaco paint jobs out.

  • jamaican sensation  3 months ago

    Good idea

  • Vinnie Madrox  3 months ago

    That's the "big block" engine Marty swapped and turbo'd into Too Sexy on Mighty Car Mods

  • Dad Loves Cars 1977  3 months ago

    Best mitsu engine after the 4g63.

  • Dominykas Dainys  3 months ago

    4g69 baby :D

  • norm barr  3 months ago

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  • Mental Dave  3 months ago

    How boring, I was hoping for something for a good night out :(

  • Benny Lava  3 months ago

    I knew I'd find the answer here instead of googling what he said was on the pill. Lol

  • Tim White  3 months ago

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