Copart Salvage 04 Mitsubishi Outlander Win $850

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  • Published on:  Sunday, March 31, 2019
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  • elekid330
    elekid330  2 months ago

    I believe if it'd continue cleaning up the was it has it can surely go for $2,500 to the rite buyer cuz it's definitely not an ugly car nor annoying to see

  • Don Howard
    Don Howard  4 months ago

    Don't paint sell it

  • Elijah Mcgee
    Elijah Mcgee  5 months ago

    I would put 2995 if on lot take 25 good running all wheel is worth it on a lot should do it all day long go 4 it man u can do it man

  • Dimgo Bingo
    Dimgo Bingo  6 months ago

    You need to buy a steamer for detailing of salon and power water wacher+vacuum,for seats, and some auto cleaning soap or how it named.

  • Ronnie Thode
    Ronnie Thode  6 months ago

    Hey two tone it 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Diesel High
    Diesel High  6 months ago

    Paint it

  • David Varela
    David Varela  7 months ago

    the out lander is worth a new pant job

  • Mark K
    Mark K  7 months ago

    This would be a perfect vehicle for you to practice your hand at a single stage paint job Randy. You might just surprise yourself.

  • Louie Campos
    Louie Campos  7 months ago

    paint it would look alot better.

  • Andres Chavez
    Andres Chavez  7 months ago

    Jajaja that its not Spanish 🤪

  • Reanon
    Reanon  7 months ago

    Yes its worth t

  • majorpayne 1969
    majorpayne 1969  7 months ago

    You can send me the amp

  • Brad Miller
    Brad Miller  7 months ago

    Next time just take the pill and see if you can tell what it is from the side effects. Do what you got to do for views. :)

  • Shazia Mohamed
    Shazia Mohamed  7 months ago

    Never buy red cars, paint peels

  • Shazia Mohamed
    Shazia Mohamed  7 months ago

    1150 is expensive

  • Robb Moose
    Robb Moose  7 months ago

    Not trying to be rude, love the channel. But I think your vids could do with a little less chatter, again I'm not trying to be a dick but you kinda ramble on once you start talking. Might trim a few mins off the longer vids too.

  • big boy trucker
    big boy trucker  7 months ago

    Honestly I'd go for it and have it repainted if you're just trying to sell somebody a reliable car it would make a good impression on you just to get a $300 paint job and sell some a good looking and running car I would definitely like to see that updated video yes it is an ugly vehicle but I would like to see it fixed up and you selling it to someone

  • gosportjamie
    gosportjamie  7 months ago

    I don't think that car needs a paint job, other than on the bonnet/hood. I think most of the rest of it will come back with a bit of cutting and then fresh lacquer over the top. The hood probably does need painting to look decent, but I think a DIY job could make it look 1000 times better. Overall I think it's a better car than it looks, I get the impression it was a family vehicle that got relegated to junk hauler when the paint got tatty. It runs and drives too sweetly to have been really abused and used up so I'm picking that has a good service history as those transmissions aren't that great and really don't take abuse, they just roll over and die...

  • ngneer999
    ngneer999  7 months ago

    Please skip the paint and put the $300 toward the new cat converter. No CEL is better than paint issues.

  • Bill Tyler
    Bill Tyler  7 months ago

    If it were my flip here's what I think I would do: $299 Maaco paint job, professional detail (about $100), new windshield (about $210 from Safelite), repair the control arm ($50?), then new tires all around (cheapest available from Walmart, NTB, etc. would be about $210/set). That would put you all in for about $2019. List it for about $3500 and come down to only $2800 or so to end up with about $750 profit. The new paint job and tires will add a lot of value to the buyer because it looks good, runs good, and they know they won't have to replace tires any time soon. Of course a fresh oil change, fluid top off, and new filters and you're gold and will probably have some good referrals from the buyer.