we've never met but can we have a coffee or something (20mn extended)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 22, 2017
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  • Jake Thomas
    Jake Thomas  4 months ago +6485

    Hey you. Yes you. random person that I will never meet. I truly hope that you will find happiness in life. Today is going to be a great day.

  • Meh ?
    Meh ?  6 months ago +3874

    Does anyone else like to wake up at 4 am and wait for the sun to rise? I like to play music like this and walk outside moments before the sky lightens. Then I amble around my neighborhood , watching as the sky turns from black, to blue, to lavender then to pink. Half the sky is ablaze with the rising sun and half is still shrouded in the inky waters of night. It’s awesome. The sky seems so full of life. The world hasn’t woken up yet. The side walks are silent and in the distance you can hear the low rumble of cars. It gets so quiet you can hear every bird, every step of your feet. Windows are still dark. But the sky is awake. The sun pulls the world out of its slumber. It helps shed the world of the heavy blanket of sleep. The world is half alive, stuck in between the wakening and sleeping realm. But the sky. It bleeds with life, it’s light pouring into the streets and doors

  • Marsha Nur
    Marsha Nur  4 months ago +2925

    suddenly wants to have a coffee with stranger but i have social anxiety

  • Ridley Coyte
    Ridley Coyte  3 months ago +1550

    there might be multiple reasons a person clicks on this video.
    some want a soothing track to lull them to sleep. to those people: leave the comments and get the rest you deserve. sleep well.
    some are lonely or are feeling very sad. to those people: all pain ends eventually. the good will come soon enough. you can do this.
    some may be studying. to those people: leave the comments, I wish you good luck, you’re going to do amazing.
    some can’t stand the silence and the thoughts and tears that accompany the silence. to those people: take a deep breath in. now exhale. now say, “I’m fine. I will be fine. I am in control. I am okay.”
    to anyone who is reading this right now, i love you. and so do many others. you have nothing to worry about. take a breath and appreciate the good things about this world. everything is and will be okay. you’ve got this. and i love you.

  • stan talent, stan Google translate

    The rest of the internet is McDonald's and this here is a detox smoothie

  • justkimmy
    justkimmy  3 months ago +136

    If reincarnation is a thing, I hope to be reborn as a confident individual that is just able to go up to strangers and start conversations about the universe and have coffee. I hope my anxiety has ceased to exist and I am happy and carefree :)

  • Senad Bogucanin
    Senad Bogucanin  3 months ago +659

    You ppl in this comment section are precious carry on we need more ppl like you in this world

  • Actually Actuary
    Actually Actuary  3 months ago +135

    At a coffee shop there was a girl sitting by herself, reading "The Girl on the Train", minding her own business. She caught my eye, and when I was just about to leave the shop, I turned back on impulse. Sat by her, talked a bit, and we made a lunch plan. She was in my city for just two days and she ended up spending both with me.
    This happened 2 weeks ago. 10 days from now, we're going to spend a weekend at a hill-station.

  • Mahir Hasan
    Mahir Hasan  4 months ago +689

    Even though none of us knows the others, after reading few comments I felt like we all are spiritually connected to each other's soul.

  • julita jania
    julita jania  3 months ago +140

    I have this feeling...that all people here are such a beautiful souls...
    If you are reading this, you should know that you are a wonderful, valuable person who deserves to be happy :) I wish you beautiful day/night :)

    AĹẸЖ ŘÃĮŇβỖŴ  1 months ago +113

    The lofi community on Youtube is the most beautiful group of people I've ever seen. Listening to lofi mixes and reading through the comments cleanses my soul.
    Thank you all, wonderful people. <3

  • mij
    mij  5 months ago +149

    You were sitting in the park under the tree doing what you love or just feeling on the fresh breeze of air or just feeding your skin with the little sunshine that escapes from the leaves above. A person came to you, as you look you were stunned unable to remove your stare. the person starts saying weird things like this person knew you before. the person asked you for a coffee. you agreed because surprisingly you felt the same too. you went to the nearest coffee shop. without asking the person ordered in the counter and came back with your favorite drink. from small talks to random chatting you became comfortable with this person and end up venting out your problems, your feelings, and what's wrongs. the person started complimenting you, "your'e beautiful, you know especially with that smile of yours, on how your eyes bend to smile too. you don't have to worry about things. stop over thinking. it's okay to cry to vent out your feelings, sleep it out if it makes you feel better but don't forget to stand up again. think of what makes you happy. you only live once why not make it a happy one? everything will be fine. you know i can live for that smile of yours. i want to see you wearing that everyday"
    Then you wake up. You were looking for that person but not long after you realized that that person was you. a part of you

  • Jen TheMemeLord
    Jen TheMemeLord  8 months ago +1957

    When I listen to this I feel a happy sadness. I feel nostalgic for something i never even had. I feel like I'm supposed to meet someone very special in the near future. I feel nostalgic for them even though we've never met.

  • The time Is now
    The time Is now  2 months ago +175

    There was this girl...
    All throughout elementary school I had the biggest crush on this girl. She had poofy blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and was the sweetest person I had ever met. We never talked; she had her friends and I had mine, but I always managed to get caught gazing at her beauty at the wrong time. This girl was seriously gorgeous, but I never had the balls to talk to her.
    A few years pass, and I continue to let my heart get broken from afar. She became on a pedestal for me, and every day I would think of her. One random day, we were working on sculpture pieces in school. I was struggling, and I was behind schedule and needed to put in some overtime to get it done. As the rest of the class packed up and went home, I remained with my things. I will never forget how she gently placed her hand on mine, and said "it looks great". She stayed with me after school and we talked about life. I had never felt such bliss in my life. The next day we were instantly friends, and I finally could talk to her about everything.
    But I didn't. I had truly fallen head over heels for this girl, and to express my true feelings would interrupt our relationship. For two years I held my secret, and I didn't tell a single soul. Over time, we slowly began to fall in love. Everything was going right, or so I thought.
    When I received the news that I was going to move to Colorado with my family, it threw my whole world upside down. I had to say goodbye to all my friends, favorite spots, and the girl I loved. I was completely devastated. When I told her, she didn't talk to me for a week. We still existed on this level of intimacy where we weren't officially dating, but we both desperately wanted it. But for the sake of avoiding broken hearts, we unspokenly decided not to pursue our desires.
    I will never forget the dance that we went to together. We both are dancers, and we went to a swing club for a night. I will never forget how I held her close, and we swayed together to the music. I will never forget how she took my hand and put it on her heart, and said "my heart is beating out of my chest. I can't fake that ive fallen in love with you". I will never forget how she kissed me while I held her in my arms.
    After we graduated we went to many grad parties together. We didn't speak of what happened at the dance, for fear that it would tear our hearts apart. At one party, we climbed a big oak tree and sat in the branches near the top. She held me in her arms and hugged me around my back. I will never forget how we both cried, as she kissed my neck and we embraced in looming branches. I will never forget how my heart felt at that moment. Love can manifest itself as physical feeling, and what I experienced was heartbreak.
    I remember hugging all of my friends goodbye and everyone was crying. I got in the car and slowly drove off, and the entire party chased after me, screaming and waking up the entire neighborhood. I will never forget looking back, and seeing the girl with the poofy blond hair and deep blue eyes looking back at me. I cried the majority of the 24 hour drive, until I had no more tears to cry.
    I still wonder how she is doing today. We obviously are commented on social media, but the pain of talking again was too much to bear and so we haven't spoke in years. It's been three years since I saw her beauty, and I still think I am in love with her. I've dated other girls, and have tried everything to end my heartache, but I truly believed that I had my one chance to fall in love and it was taken from me. One day... we will meet again, and maybe my world will change again for the better.

  • Ed Kozak
    Ed Kozak  4 months ago +117

    Hey since people are being nice here I want to be nice too.
    Y'all are beautiful!
    Have day.

  • Aqua & Cookie
    Aqua & Cookie  3 months ago +671

    i protecc
    i attacc
    but right now
    i just need coffee or a snacc
    Edit: 62 likes? yey
    Edit: Thank you for all these likes! Love ya'll ♥

  • GabbyJoe107
    GabbyJoe107  3 months ago +40

    The Human Condition
    Diseased with thoughts, overcome with emotion, constantly looking, learning, seeing what lies beyond. Curious about the things we do not know, searching for knowledge in every nook and crack. Struggling to find sameness, reaching for someone or something to relate to, groping in the darkness until our hands grasp a hint of light. We are always stretching for something more, whether it be friendship or satisfaction; acceptance or realization. There is always more, and always will be more. However, more does not always equal fulfillment. You must find this in yourself.

  • Primrose Munro
    Primrose Munro  10 months ago +3065

    such a beautiful side of youtube

  • Eff
    Eff  3 months ago +57

    From time to time I come back to this comment section so i can feel less lonely, even though I never talk to anyone it always gives me a good feeling inside of me. Thank you 💜

  • dolphin queen uwu
    dolphin queen uwu  5 months ago +31

    ok im just crying at how nice and calming this comment section is could we just take a little moment to cry?