we've never met but can we have a coffee or something (20mn extended)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 22, 2017
  • finally it's time to show this new artwork ♥

    music by in love with a ghost

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    ♥ art by sarlisart ♥



  • Manny Pauley
    Manny Pauley  16 hours ago +1

    Sometimes I just feel so alone, and it doesn't make any sense. I have a girlfriend of around 6 years, I am a registered nurse, and I am in school to work in nursing education. I always act really upbeat and friendly, and I feel like I have a lot going for me. It doesn't help me feel less lonely, though. I always want to be there for the people I care about, and help them in any way I can, but I feel as though either no one can see the loneliness and sadness I feel all the time, or they do but either can't or won't be there for me. When I try to reach out, I feel as though people either do not understand me, or are too caught up in their own problems to take on any more burden, my significant other included. I am sorry if this comment made you sad or made your day worse in some way, but I needed to get all this off my chest, and the anonymity of this video and the wonderful people on here commenting encouraging words seemed like a good place to leave this. Thank you all for being yourselves, and have a great day.

  • Random Chicken
    Random Chicken  19 hours ago +1

    Life might be hard right now or you might be going through somethings, but just remember you are loved and appreciated. Life will get better, I promise you. Stay hopeful my friends :)

  • Luscas
    Luscas  yesterday

    (I'm brazilian, so my english is not that good) Well, 3 years ago I fell in love with a guy, we studied in the same school, but we weren't of the same class, I tried everything to get closer of him, one day everyone discovered that I liked him, and everywere I was I always heard a homofobic comment, today I had move on, but I did't forget him, so I intend to talk to him, become friends and who knows, more?.....

  • Eleanor Finch
    Eleanor Finch  yesterday

    this song is so relaxing 🎶😌☕

  • Caleb
    Caleb  2 days ago +2

    You pulled me in with the “we’ve never met” part. I like this girl from California. The only thing is that I live in Virginia. We haven’t met yet, but I’m going over there for a Conference this January (2020). I’m going to get a chance to meet her but I really hope I don’t mess it up.

  • upside
    upside  2 days ago

    Hello fellow pleb welcome to the comment section where in this time we relax and talk to each other and BE NICE heres a welcome gift

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  • dong galang
    dong galang  2 days ago

    Da dude with glasses...his coffee is tilted ☕️

  • Amanda Cabuntala
    Amanda Cabuntala  3 days ago

    Love the random Cinccino lmao

  • Fredrik Nygren
    Fredrik Nygren  3 days ago

    This is kinda what it’s like with Luna

  • Nacha Di Angelo
    Nacha Di Angelo  3 days ago

    I met a stranger last year.

    A particularly not so good-looking guy who was too loud and opinionated and hyperactive. But he's an old soul I quickly clicked with from the moment I locked gazes with him.

    He talked a lot and he listened to me, too. He never cut me off when I spoke, and gave his full attention. I never felt lost with him nor feel apologetic about being myself. At some level, he made me feel human capable of knowing and caring for another. His magnetic force was enough for me to lower my barriers. I didn't know if I was attracted to him then. I did not even think of daydreaming or fantasizing about him.

    All I knew was that as we were talking one morning, I had this moment of certainty that I could do life with such a personality. That if I were to travel the country, I wanted him to sit beside me in the bus ride holding my hand. That if I were to get hungry at midnight, I wanted to eat meals with him in 24-hour convenience stores. That if I were stressed about work, I needed him to be there at the end of the day to listen and tell me that everything's gonna be okay. It was crazy for I knew it wouldn't happen because he would soon leave. Which he eventually did. He left the city. We never spoke again; never saw each other again.

    It had been a year and he is never coming back but whenever I recall the feelings I had when I was with him, I realize that despite the roller coaster of emotions... I want them still. I want the joy, the excitement, the pain, the disappointment-- I want to feel and experience these things all over again. Because honestly, I'd take every single one of them over indifference. I just want to feel human again.

  • The Urban Legend
    The Urban Legend  3 days ago

    Man, reading these comments is so cathartic. So much positivity

  • A A
    A A  4 days ago

    Luna frank education but we do made to understand Shu Shu meaning your videos Mm I ask Jaya Hoz Lanta Korean Bs tenure Llano Ajith channel Korean young man who gave up wishing Answer

  • A A
    A A  4 days ago

    مستحيل يكون هون حدا عربي صح انا اجيت من قناة الرجال الكوري الي اسلم بصراحة ما بعرف شو اسمو

  • Cathy Davis
    Cathy Davis  4 days ago

    what is lofi?

    QIANA SUMNER  4 days ago

    to who ever is reading this have a blessed day

  • bruh moment
    bruh moment  5 days ago

    ah. imagine listening to this after your broken heart, getting rejected all over again. doesn't it feel welcoming? heart warming? of course it does. it gives you hope that you might be able to meet someone again, just as good as someone that rejected you earlier. but, of course, the more you dig deep in the realms of your mind, you realize, you will get hurt all over again even if you find someone like them. this is just a never ending cycle of unrequited love, expecting to be loved back just because they have loved for so many days, months, years and decades. my word: only time will eventually tell you when you'll meet the person of your dreams.

  • Ed Nhi
    Ed Nhi  5 days ago

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  • A Thing By Jacob Warner

    I'm beyond thankful I found this.
    It's led me to a line of music that has helped me cope this past couple years.

  • Christian Tolbert
    Christian Tolbert  6 days ago


  • sherrie H
    sherrie H  6 days ago

    🖤 evrythn ive lokd fr🖤